When it comes to landing brand partnerships, having a solid “case study” is one of the best things you can do to stand out from the crowd. Essentially, an influencer case study is your secret weapon in convincing the brand you are pitching to work with, to choose you over someone else. The great thing about a case study is it doesn’t matter how many followers you have…it matters how effective you are at getting your followers to take action.

Here at Sidewalker Daily, we work with brands on their influencer marketing initiatives and have insight into what they are looking for when it comes to selecting influencers for partnerships and campaigns. While everyone in this industry focuses a lot on media kits, one of the most important documents for a brand to see during the evaluation and negotiation process is an influencer or blogger’s case study.

And a case study can be even more valuable than a media kit because it gives the brand insight into what an influencer can possibly do for their brand in terms of reaching internal goals and objectives. Trust us when we say that having a case study on hand will put you one step ahead of everyone else.

So let’s go over how to get started ASAP so you’ll be ready to impress potential brand parters and clients!

how to create an influencer case study

What Is An Influencer Case Study?

In the blogger and influencer world, a case study is a document that describes a previous project, campaign or partnership you were involved in and has a recap of the results. A case study basically has all the relevant information any brand partner would need to know in determining your effectiveness in promoting their brand, product and/or service.

A case study is essentially a collection of evidence to prove your value and show the brand that you’re not all talk…you actually can produce results. Whether it’s your ability to drive clicks to a website or help them get targeted engagement, a case study is a concrete example to illustrate what you were able to do for another brand or company during a past partnership.

What’s The Difference Between a Case Study and a Media Kit?

A media kit is a document or presentation that contains important information about your business or brand that is used to promote yourself or pitch to potential clients and brand partners. A media kit includes important topics such as an “about you” section, the stats and demographics of your audience, an overview of the services you offer, and even examples of the types of partners you worked with in the past to establish credibility.

On the other hand, an influencer case study is a document which includes all the important components of a past partnership or campaign. It dives deep into one project to demonstrate your capabilities and how you were successful at achieving what was asked of you – almost like a piece of evidence to show the brand you are pitching to. For example, “I was able to do X,Y,Z for this brand and help them achieve their specific goals and objectives, so it’s proof that I will most likely be able to do what you’re asking of me too.”

A case study can be an independent, stand alone document or it can be included in your media kit. It really depends on how long you want your media kit to be and also if you will be creating an evergreen media kit or have the ability to customize it depending on the type of brand you are pitching to.