Negotiating to get your worth may be one of the most frustrating parts about being a blogger or influencer but at the end of the day, if you don’t stand up for yourself…who will? Since we work with brands on their influencer marketing initiatives, we’re going over how to negotiate as a blogger or influencer to land partnerships (and sharing some of the brand perspective while we’re at it).

Before we get into the good stuff, let’s talk about the main ingredient you need in any negotiation….CONFIDENCE. If you’re not confident about your work or value when pitching to brands, you need to work on that before you even start. If not, it will be an uphill battle because you need to feel good about what you’re selling (you and your skillset!)

Before trying to earn money on social media it’s a good idea to make sure your media kit is rock solid and your branding is on point because that’s the most sure way to land partnerships and collaborations. Not only will it show the client you’re worth it but also gives you the confidence to stand up for yourself when needed. Don’t forget to make sure your website is amazing too and you have case studies prepared for your past work so you’ll be able to not only prove your value, but show potential partners you’re a professional.

These things may seem simple but having your brand assets on point will do amazing things for your confidence. It’s kind of like when you go on a date – when you look and feel your best your confidence will be at an all time high versus if you showed up in your pajamas. :) 

So let’s go over some essential negotiation tips that every blogger, influencer or content creator should know when pitching to brands.

how to negotiate as a blogger

The Essential Blogger’s Guide To Negotiating 

We’ve worked on dozens of projects on both the brand side and influencer side and no matter what side you’re on, negotiations are unavoidable so you better get used to them. From payment to deliverables, there is always an agreement that must be reached.

Negotiations can be stressful, especially when you really want to land a deal or partnership. It’s overused and cliche but FOMO is real. No one likes to miss out on an opportunity that could benefit them. Knowing how to negotiate as a blogger or influencer is a necessary skill to get business done, land partnerships and build your portfolio.  

We’ve put together this guide to help you learn to navigate negotiating with brands like a pro. Channel your inner girl (or guy) boss and get ready to land some partnerships!

The Breakdown of How to Negotiate As A Blogger Or Influencer


The first step in knowing how to negotiate as a blogger is knowing what you want! Don’t be fooled…this may seem easy, but it isn’t always. Sometimes an opportunity you’re dying to get comes along and your desire to land the partnership may cloud your judgement on what you really want or need. Trust us, there are some situations where you should actually say no to a brand partnership, even if it’s for cash money.

This is why it’s important to always have the endgame in mind. What do you want to walk away from the partnership with? Sit down and outline what compromises you are willing to make before starting negotiations.  

PRO TIP: Each time a brand counters your offer, think “Is this moving me toward or away from my goal?”


If the brand hasn’t asked for your rates yet, definitely be the first to ask for their budget. This allows you to see what range they are working with so you can tailor your negotiations to their budget (or not even waste your time if they are not in your ballpark range).