Sidewalker Daily

Why Work With Our Team?

We get it. Transforming your influence into your full time gig is HARD. That was us not too long ago. We had a social media agency with tons of clients but our one true love, our Instagram community @sidewalkerdaily, was always being put last. While the money was GREAT, the quality of work was just, to say it bluntly, uninspiring.

So we did one of the riskiest things we’ve ever done. We slowly started to phase out our clients and really focus on growing Sidewalker Daily and networking within the industry. We went on unpaid press trips, met the right people, and within a few months, were able to turn our Instagram account into our full time business.

How you ask? By monetizing it behind the scenes. Sidewalker Daily is a community of killer content creators and people took notice. Now, we work with clients such as hotels, travel brands and tourism boards, and handle their influencer marketing campaignsseriously, a dream.

This is exactly the type of work we wanted to be doing – planning killer content creator press trips and being at the forefront of the industry. And to think it was all thanks to our little Instagram account that got us noticed.

What makes Sidewalker Daily unique is that we offer an insider perspective into what travel brands are looking for and can shed light on what a successful partnership is really made of. We understand the clients goals and objectives, but also understand yours – so we’re able to communicate to both sides on what it takes to create a win-win partnership.

As industry experts who work with destinations and hotels on their influencer marketing campaigns, we’ve seen it all. From pitches to media kits, to press trips and sponsored travel, there’s nothing we haven’t come across.

Our mission is to share this knowledge with YOU, and give you the information you need to turn your travel influence into a legitimate business.