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Why Work With Our Team?

We get it. Transforming your influence into your full time gig is HARD. 

We also understand that time is money. While we don’t believe in shortcuts and get quick rich schemes, we do believe in being efficient with your time and resources. Rather than guessing what it takes to do this full time, or how to turn your social media presence into a business, why not speak to an expert DIRECTLY, on the phone, and ask all your questions

As industry veterans who have worked with brands on their influencer marketing campaigns, we’ve seen it all. From pitches to media kits, to press trips and sponsored posts, there’s nothing we haven’t come across.

Our mission is to share this knowledge with YOU, and give you the information you need to turn your influence into a legitimate business.

We get that everyone has different goals, strengths and weaknesses so we offer tailor-made services to get you the help you actually need. We’ll work closely with you to understand where you are and where you want to be – then develop a strategy to get you there, while supporting you every step of the way.

Since there’s no “influencer school” or even a one-size-fits-all approach to this industry – you can think of us as your business coach and we’ll jump in when you need the extra support and guidance. Whether it’s negotiating a partnership, figuring out how to monetize, crafting the perfect email pitch, improving your media kit or even coming up with what makes you stand out from the crowd, we got you covered. 

We’ll give you honest feedback because we’re selfish and want to see our clients succeed, because hey…if you succeed, so do we. :)

And not to worry, if you don’t know what you need yet or are just starting out, we can help you figure all that out too!

After all, a dream without a plan is just a wish…so let’s do this!

“Nina has incredible work ethic, she is proactive and dedicated to both her clients and creators equally.” – @amyseder + @bburkley

Brandon Burkely & Amy Seder, Aways Land

“The Sidewalker Daily team really understands the industry and our needs as creators, with that in mind, they always plans the best trips!” – @lisahomsy

Lisa Homsy, Lisa Homsy

Here at Sidewalker, We’ve Got You Covered Every Step Of The Way!

Develop Brand Identity 

Create a cohesive online + social presence and carve out your competitive edge.

Perfect Your Partnership Pitch

Draft, review or revise your email pitches, media kit and hands on interview prep.

Learn Negotiation Tactics

Work on strategies to get what you want (and deserve).

Understand Your Value

Know your worth and develop a formula to charge clients.

Improve Business Strategy 

Ensure proper compliance, disclosures and all other biz related questions.

Work 1-On-1 With The Sidewalker Team!

Sidewalker Daily

Group Coaching Intensive

Join co-founders, Nina Zadeh and Clairesse Brogoitti, for a 4 week virtual intensive where we follow the influencer and social media landscape as it develops. We’ll cover business strategies to implement, ways to pivot your brand, engaging content ideas and ways to connect with your following that are relevant to the quickly changing times. In these 2 hour weekly sessions, you will also be able to ask Nina and Clairesse questions about your social media strategy, branding, media kit, pitching strategy, monetization opportunities and more, as well as get feedback and learn from your peers. This is a great opportunity for influencers, bloggers, content creators and creatives who are struggling to take their business to the next level and are looking for real time advice and strategies to implement ASAP.


If you’re tired of wasting time trying to “figure it out” we totally get it. Sometimes it takes just getting on the phone with an industry expert to solve a problem or answer a question. This session includes:

  • 30 Minute Phone or Video coaching session with an expert giving you individualized advice 
  • Discuss what you are struggling with and provide actionable steps to help you make moves
  • Available to answer any business, marketing, social media or industry questions such as how to grow your influence, pitching to brands, media kits, partnerships, making money and anything else you’re dying to know
  • Perfect for specific questions or quick advice


While we don’t believe in shortcuts, sometimes all it takes is brainstorming with an expert for an hour to get that “lightbulb” moment that will take your business to the next level. This session includes:

  • 1 Hour Phone or Video coaching session with an expert giving you individualized advice 
  • Work together to uncover what makes you special and stand out
  • Develop a strategy and gameplan to set you up for success  
  • Discuss what you are struggling with and provide actionable steps to help you make moves
  • Available to answer any business, marketing, social media or industry questions such as how to grow your influence, pitching to brands, media kits, partnerships, making money and anything else you’re dying to know
  • Perfect for someone who has been struggling to figure it all out alone


Our hands down most popular package for influencers, creators and entrepreneurs who are serious about developing their business and making money moves. Whether you’re just entering this industry or a seasoned veteran, we’ll work with you one-on-one and support you every step of the way. This package includes:

  • 1 Hour Phone or Video coaching session with an expert giving you individualized advice 
  • Develop a comprehensive business strategy and gameplan to set you up for success
  • Four 30 minute follow-up Phone or Video coaching sessions to support you on implementing your business strategy
  • Comprehensive review of your online presence and feedback
  • Work together to uncover what makes you special and stand out
  • Discuss what you are struggling with and provide actionable steps to help you make moves
  • Available to answer any business, marketing, social media or industry questions such as how to grow your influence, pitching, media kits, partnerships, making money and anything else you’re dying to know
  • Available to help with reviewing pitching emails, media kit, case studies, website, social media, SEO strategy and any other business topics you would like to cover
  • Support as an accountability partner 
  • Perfect for someone who is looking for a long-term strategy plan and personalized support to help reach their business goals
  • Includes 20% off discount (Normally $591)


Have you ever wanted professional feedback on your Instagram account? Our team will review your handle, bio, highlights, photos, captions and more to help you maximize your success on Instagram! This session includes:

  • Review your current Instagram account and feed
  • Provide feedback and actionable steps to make changes, if needed
  • All review and feedback will be given from the “brand’s perspective”


Our team has reviewed hundreds of media kits and knows exactly what brands are looking for! Let us help you fine tune your media kit to ensure you’re set up for success. This session includes:

  • 15 minute introductory phone call
  • Our team will review your media kit and send back suggested edits and revisions
  • All feedback will be given from the “brand’s perspective” 
  • Perfect for those who have a media kit and are looking for a second opinion


If brand partnerships and collaborations are part of your core business strategy then you need to ensure your pitching materials are on point. From pitching emails to your media kit, we will work with you to develop a strong and memorable pitch. This session includes:

  • 15 minute introductory phone call
  • Our team will review your pitching materials (up to 3 email pitches, media kit, case study and pitching collaboration spreadsheet) 
  • All review and feedback will be given from the “brand’s perspective” 
  • Perfect for those looking for a second opinion on their pitch to brands 


“Working with Sidewalker Daily has been essential to giving me the kick I need to get my dreams of Social Media making off the ground. I loved receiving a tailored action plan at every meeting and having someone to guide me in the right direction. Every part of my mentorship meetings were practical and actionable, I’ve grown so much working with Sidewalker Daily and could not be more content with investing in the full Strategy Package. I feel more equipped to handle negotiations with brands and create work that my audience resonates with. I highly recommend anyone going down the path as a content creator seek the right mentorship and advice, especially from people you trust. My sessions with Nina and Clairesse have fulfilled that, their advice has always lead me in the right path and I always leave my calls refreshed and inspired as they conduct their services in the most honest and true way. Thank you Sidewalker Daily!” 
– Leanne | Strategy Package Client

Clairesse, THANK YOU! You made me dig deep, and think through things, and when I did, this is what the result is! Love working with both of you – you are the best!! And I just finished a face-to-face meeting with a brand that I believe will become a long term relationship client. Can’t wait to start working on their campaign!”
– Betsy | Strategy Package Client

“I absolutely loved working with Sidewalker Daily and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great trip. Sidewalker Daily really knows how to curate the best kind of trips- they’re able to get the most fun and creative people together and build the trip around really getting the best experience possible!”
– Tezza (@tezza) | Press Trip

“Sidewalker Daily is one of the only companies in the industry that is one step ahead of the game. They are so knowledgeable about the influencer market as well as the brand side in this quick evolving digital market we are in. They organized a press trip I went on to Costa Rica with Jetsetter.com and I was so impressed how organized it was and how smooth the trip went. Clairesse is a dream to work with, she’s so on top of it and helpful with anything you need. I also did another trip to Tuscany, Italy with Jetsetter-produced by Sidewalker and it was one of my favorite trips. It’s such a pleasure working with both Clairesse and Nina- they make everything so easy and fun, allowing me to create the best content I can. Hope to continue to work with them in the future!”
– Nicole (@nicoleisaacs) | Press Trip

“Sidewalker Daily is an expert in travel influencer marketing. They have strategic relationships that help you find and engage influencers & partners in innovative ways that both amplify your brand and prove positive ROI for your business.”

– Molly Steinkrauss | Director of Director of Brand and Communications, Member Experience at TripAdvisor

Sidewalker Daily’s knowledge and passion for working with social media influencers shines through naturally. They designed and executed the Costa Rica Tourism Board’s first ever social media influencer campaign, which ended up becoming one of our most successful initiatives ever! Sidewalker Daily is very well connected in the industry and knows the right influencers that will carry the message across and provide the biggest ROI. They are visionary and ahead of the trends in the travel influencer space – their deep love for their craft is truly contagious.”
– Ines Cano | Vice President, PR at NJF

After having my baby, I felt a bit lost at what direction to go in next with my brand. Nina helped me not only brainstorm ideas, but make plans to implement them as well. After working with her I feel much more confident presenting myself to brands and knowing what I’m worth.”
– Marissa | Strategy Package Client

“Just wanted to tell you how excited I am about all of this and how happy I am to be working with you! It totally feels like the right direction to take things, and I’ve felt so lost about what to do with all of this for a while.”
– Lauren | Strategy Package Client

What I love about the Sidewalker Daily team is how well the team understands the industry on the brand and influencer side. They’re efficient, reliable and know exactly what their clients are looking for! They also plan amazing press trips and know exactly what content creators need to provide the best content for their clients!
– Christine (@tourdelust) | Press Trip

Nina and the Sidewalker Daily team put together one of the best and most organized press trip opportunities I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in. Communication was clear, prompt, and always professional. In addition to this press trip being so organized, it was also easy going! Although an influencer is working during a press trip, this one was never stressful or overbearing. The vibe was easygoing, the deliverables were reasonable, and I made some wonderful friends in the process.”
– Ashley (@heyashleyrenne) | Press Trip

“Amy and I first met Nina in December 2017 on a press trip in Negril, Jamaica. We all immediately connected. Nina was full of positive energy and excitement and eagerness to meet and learn about everyone. It made a group full of strangers immediately feel at ease and encouraged to be our unique selves. Each day of the trip, Nina was there for each of us and was quick and proactive at addressing any of our needs. Everything was very well produced and organized, and despite some unforeseen changes in weather, Nina adapted quickly, reorganized the schedule and worked out timing perfectly to allow us all to shoot the content we needed. Most importantly, we became great friends with Nina on this trip![…]We kept in touch and a couple months later, Nina called us up for a photography assignment on a private island in Belize. This was the first time we worked in a full commercial capacity with Sidewalker Daily and a client, and everything was smooth sailing the whole way through…”
– Brandon Burkley (@bburkley) & Amy Seder (@amyseder) | Press Trip 

I had a fantastic experience working with Clairesse and Nina of Sidewalker Daily on a successful  influencer marketing project. They have vision and the project management skills required to make the impossible happen. They are very focused on delivering value and leveraging opportunities to their clients and go above and beyond to make it happen. They are savvy, smart, connected and easy to work with.  I highly recommend!”
– Danielle Finnegan | Director of Public Relations and Communications at Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica

The most valuable part of working with Sidewalker Daily is being able to access their rolodex of contacts and use their personal relationships with influencers and content creators in the travel industry. The team’s genuine and authentic spirit motivates influencers to over deliver, providing a strong return on investment for our clients.”
– Holly Zawyer | Managing Director, Miami at Zapwater Communications



Director of Partnerships

Nina Zadeh is the co-founder and Director of Partnerships at Sidewalker Daily. By managing influencer press trips for clients such as the Costa Rica Tourism Board, Nina is able to shed light on the client perspective to the Sidewalker Daily community of bloggers and influencers. Nina’s unique position on both sides of the industry helps bridge the gap between travel brands and influencers to ensure every partnership is a win-win for all involved.

Since 2009, Nina has also worked as a brand strategist and strategic partnership consultant to fashion and lifestyle companies. She has helped her clients land partnerships with major brands such as Whole Foods Markets, Lord & Taylor and Contiki Tours, among many others.

Nina received her MBA in Marketing from Fordham University in New York City and holds a B.A. in Economics and Communications from Boston College. Fun fact: Nina grew up between the Bahamas, France, Miami and Dubai and speaks four languages. She now lives in South Florida with her husband, daughter and beagle mix Riley.


Director of Business Affairs

Clairesse Brogoitti is the co-founder and Director of Business Affairs at Sidewalker Daily. Clairesse spends her days negotiating brand deals, managing the Sidewalker Daily brand and producing press trip and influencer campaigns for companies. Her unique law and business background allows her to shed light on multiple facets of the ever-changing influencer industry and support influencers on figuring out the best brand and business strategy to meet their unique goals. 

Clairesse has worked as a social media and brand strategist to travel, fashion, nonprofit, food and lifestyle companies. She has helped her clients land strategic partnerships with major brands such as Escada, Drybar, and Kendra Scott, among many others. Prior to Sidewalker Daily, Clairesse practiced law in Los Angeles and worked with start up companies in both a business and legal capacity.

Clairesse Brogoitti graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in Communications and Sociology. She received her JD from Pepperdine School of Law and is a Fellow of the Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship & Law. She Clairesse holds 2 U.S. Patents for her invention in the cosmetics industry. Fun fact: Clairesse grew up in a pineapple field on a volcano in Hawaii and lives between Rome, Miami and Los Angeles. 

Sidewalker Daily is committed to bridging the gap between travel brands and content creators by providing unparalleled support and educational resources on best industry practices.  As experts on both sides of the equation, we’re dedicated to brands and creators equally and will always strive to facilitate partnerships that are a win-win for all involved.