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You focus on creating amazing content, getting that perfect edit and building relationships with your online community.

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The influencer world is like the Wild West but if we stick together, we’ll be unstoppable. Let’s do this!

Lucky for you, Instagram influencer marketing is on the rise and isn’t expected to lose speed anytime soon. Influencer marketing is now a half a billion dollar industry and when it comes to influencers, Instagram is where it’s at (but you already know that)! Making the most out of your account when it comes to Instagram influencer marketing is keeping up with the current trends of the industry. Knowledge is power and it’s always important to be in the know about what’s happening in the industry you’re trying to make a living in, so you can be one step ahead of everyone else.

Let’s break it down: In 2016, $570 million was spent on Instagram influencer marketing alone and 73% of marketers said they allocated a budget for influencer marketing. Based on a survey by Linquia, 48% of marketers have planned to increase their influencer marketing budgets the following year, with only 4% of marketers reporting a decrease in influencer efforts. (Whoop whoop! This is huge for you!)

But what does this actually mean? That we’re on the brink of something really big and it’s an exciting time to be at the forefront of the influencer movement!

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