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As an Influencer or Creator, there may be times when you’re tired of searching for information online and just want to speak with an expert to get your questions answered ASAP. If you’re looking for 1-on-1 help and need specific advice tailored to your business and goals, you can book a call with one of our expert Influencer and Creator coaches and we will answer your questions in real time, and help you build out a solid strategy to reach your goals. 


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If you’re looking for help on a specific area of your business like pitching to brands, figuring out your niche, increasing your social media engagement, or even making more money in your business, then you’ll love our online courses and programs. All courses were created by industry professionals and strategically designed to give you the tools you need to take action and see results. 

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You'll learn: Reasons Your Pitches are landing in the no pile and how to fix it

I’m the one who is reading real pitches as they come into my brand clients’ inboxes and I’m the one who puts them in the “no” pile vs the “yes” pile. Learn the actual reasons you may be getting ghosted by brands! 

You'll learn: My Secret Strategy To Make Your Pitch Stand OUt And Get a Response

After learning our signature pitching strategy you’ll understand what it takes to get brands to say yes to your pitches. This method has been tested by hundreds of Influencers and Creators and trust us when we say, IT WORKS!

you'll learn: THE pitching materials you need if you want to get more paid brand deals

The first step to being treated like a business is to SHOW that you are a business with professional pitching materials. I’ll be covering what you need to make sure brands and agencies will take you seriously. 

“I was able to successfully pitch paid deals from both Amazon and Adobe in ONE DAY. One of which I was able to negotiate for 50% more in pay.” 

This came after not being able to get cold pitches through in the past. After that happened, I KNEW that I needed to go ahead and invest / enroll in this online course. I have been binge-watching the course videos for several days straight now and have taken so many notes!! What I truly love and appreciate about this course is that it has so much advice that you LITERALLY cannot get anywhere else. So many times when I seek advice from other experts regarding such topics, the advice I am given is very generic and full of things I have already heard before. It was refreshing to say the least that this course did not reiterate things I already knew, making it worth the investment. […] This is LITERALLY a game-changer for so many influencers/content creators out there for them to get paid their worth and establish long-lasting partnerships!

TikTok: @espdaniella 

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Our Inner Circle Creator Membership Program is the perfect fit for you if you’re looking for access to Group Coaching sessions to get expert advice, connect and learn from other creators and stay accountable to reaching your goals. All levels and all niches are welcome!

Being a Creator and working by yourself can get lonely but in our signature Inner Circle Program, you’ll meet other influencers, creators, bloggers and digital entrepreneurs around the globe who get what you do, understand what you’re going through and who want to see you succeed. The Inner Circle Program will change your creator business in ways you never dreamed possible and we can’t wait to welcome you!

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It’s Time To Level Up Your Business So You Can Make More Money As A Creator 

Influencers and Creators all over the world love our online courses created by industry experts. If you’re struggling and need some support, our signature courses will help you find clarity, teach you strategy and provide actionable advice to help you see results. Our courses are designed for Influencers and Creators in all niches and at all levels! 

Don’t just take it from us, Influencers and Creators love working with our team!

Nina & Clairesse of Sidewalker Daily have had a huge impact on my bottom line. The money I invested was easily made back with just one project that I got thanks to them. They constantly go above and beyond to help their students. Not only did they give me the motivation I needed to start pitching, but they gave me the strategies that worked and helped me get PAID WORK. I am now on a roll, pitching new business left and right and feel confident with the tools and strategies I learned from the Sidewalker Daily Team. 

LAURA | @laurapatrice

I was skeptical about investing in Sidewalker Daily because of not-so-great past experiences with other programs. However, having worked with Nina and seeing results so quickly makes me wish I would’ve earlier! Nina has been amazing through the process of monetizing my Instagram account. She is an expert and knows exactly how to pitch to brands. So far every pitch she’s helped me with has been approved and I have made over 4 figures in just one month. Eternally grateful for Nina and everything she has to offer.”

Beatris | @chroniclesofnursing

Not only did Sidewalker Daily team me the skills to put together an awesome Media Kit, pitch to brands and engage my followers on social media, but – most importantly, – I’ve since landed partnerships I never dreamed of being able to get and have seen real results in just a matter of months. 

Lauren | @travel_Is_ThE-Cure

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