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Let’s jump on a zoom call & Get your questions answered!

This is your chance to speak with an expert who knows the influencer industry inside and out and get your questions answered once and for all! Whether you need someone to brainstorm about how to make money off of your social media or figure out a strategy for your business strategy or even have someone give you feedback on your media kit, we can help you with anything you need! Or maybe you want to have an expert look over a brand collaboration offer or help you figure out what rate to charge brands. With our Private Coaching Options, the possibilities are endless!


Any Question Is Fair Game

Below are some most popular questions on our creator calls

Monetization Strategy

How to make more money in their business and figuring out a long-term monetization strategy. 

Reviewing a pitch email

Reviewing a pitch email to make sure it’s optimized for a brand to respond. 

negotiating a brand partnership

How to negotiate with a brand and coming up with rates for posts or a campaign.  

review of media kit

Reviewing a media kit and providing feedback on what to add or change to impress brands. 

social media questions

How to increase engagement, how to grow your following and how to stand out on social. 

business strategy advice

How to scale their business and build a successful influencer or creator business.


Influencer And Creator Coaches

Nina Zadeh

MBA in Marketing, B.A. in Economics & Communications

Nina is the co-founder of Sidewalker Daily and spends her days creating strategic content, coming up with creative ideas to help our clients stand out and reach their goals and working with brands, influencers and creators on their businesses. Nina has been working in the influencer space for over 8 years and can shed light on market trends and the growth of the industry. 

Prior to Sidewalker, Nina worked as a celebrity fashion stylist, producing campaigns for New York Fashion week, and as a brand strategist and strategic partnership consultant to fashion and lifestyle companies. She has helped her clients land partnerships with major brands such as Whole Foods Markets, Lord & Taylor and Contiki Tours, among many others.

Nina received her MBA in Marketing from Fordham University in New York City and holds a B.A. in Economics and Communications from Boston College.

Fun fact: Nina grew up between the Bahamas, France, Miami and Dubai and speaks four languages.

Clairesse Brogoitti

JD in Law, B.A. in Sociology & Communications

Clairesse is the co-founder of Sidewalker Daily and spends her days negotiating deals, managing the Sidewalker Daily brand and producing social media and influencer campaigns for companies. Her unique law and business background allows her to shed light on multiple facets of the ever-changing influencer industry and support influencers on figuring out the best brand and business strategy to meet their unique goals. 

Clairesse has worked as a social media and brand strategist to travel, fashion, nonprofit, food and lifestyle companies. She has helped her clients land strategic partnerships with major brands such as Escada, Drybar, and Kendra Scott, among many others. Prior to Sidewalker Daily, Clairesse practiced law in Los Angeles and worked with start up companies in both a business and legal capacity.

Clairesse Brogoitti graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in Communications and Sociology. She received her JD from Pepperdine School of Law with a focus on Entrepreneurship. Clairesse holds 2 U.S. Patents for her invention in the cosmetics industry.

Fun fact: Clairesse grew up in a pineapple field on a volcano in Hawaii.

Being part of the Sidewalker Daily coaching calls was so much fun! Clairesse and Nina have so much heart for helping out creators and influencers. It’s great connecting with industry experts who know how to navigate the social media landscape, but can also make it an enjoyable environment for us!

– Serica

Working with Nina and Clairesse has been a breath of fresh air. These two ladies bring with them all the vibrancy, professionalism and sincerity that I have been looking for, but haven’t yet found in a coach. They both have immediately welcoming personalities and are so keen to share their knowledge and get you where you need to be that their excitement is infectious. I have left each session feeling renewed and full of ideas and energy. I look forward to many more interactions with these wonderfully kind souls!

– Emily 

Nina is so swamped with doing everything under the sun, yet she gets so excited when talking about your brand and ways you can monetize and grow your business. Her mind moves a mile a minute coming up with solutions and creative and fun ways to get your coins. 

Clairesse is more behind the scenes. But this works because she gives you the tried and true facts that are going to truly make a difference. Her lawyer brain pumps out nonstop ideas that will set you apart from everyone else. Bottom line, this will be the most worthwhile investment you will make IF you truly want to grow and monetize your brand!

– Jill 

How Private Coaching Works

It’s Never Been Easier To Get Answers From An Expert

Book Your Coaching session Today

Step 1.

You Book A Session

Start by booking the session right for you. We offer 30 minute sessions, 1 hour sessions or even 4 hour packages if you’re looking for more long-term support on your business strategy or building your brand. 

Step 2.


Once you book your session, we’ll be in touch via email to schedule your session. You can choose to do a video call on Zoom or a regular phone call with your Coach, whatever you prefer!

Step 3.


Before your session, you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out so we can get to know more about you and your business to ensure we maximize our time together during the private coaching session. 

Step 4.

WE MEET AND give you tailored advice

During our coaching session you can ask any question about social media, the influencer industry or your business, have us review any materials (pitch emails, media kits, social accounts etc.) or even work together to come up with a strategy for your business. What we cover is up to you and all our advice will be custom to you, your business and your goals!

Nina & Clairesse are so passionate about helping influencers and content creators like myself monetize their business. I learned different ways to monetize my blog, how to create a media kit, how to pitch myself and so much more. I recommend Sidewalker Daily to anyone who’s looking to take their business to the next level.

– Yaritza 

First of all, amazing! Nina and Clairesse are the sweetest humans ever! Not to mention, they literally know everything about this creator/influencer/entrepreneur world! Since I started working with SWD, my brand has changed and is growing in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Now, I can’t even imagine not having them in my world! 

– Jacklyn 

As a shy person, Sidewalker Daily helped me come out of my shell and tell my own story. I am not usually one to share much about myself or things I do. But I’ve seen that maybe the things I do can push someone or help someone create something similar. I’ve learned that I can use social media as a business and do more than just use it for fun. Never thought about my own niche and collaborating with brands. But I am definitely looking forward to it.

– Nerissa 

I was skeptical about investing in Sidewalker Daily because of not-so-great past experiences with other programs. However, having worked with Nina and seeing results so quickly makes me wish I would’ve earlier! Nina has been amazing through the process of monetizing my Instagram account. She is an expert and knows exactly how to pitch to brands. So far every pitch she’s helped me with has been approved and I have now made a 5-figure income from my Instagram.”

– Beatris 


Book A Private Coaching Session 

Choose From a 30 minute, 1 hour session or business strategy Package



Nina specializes in Influencer Marketing, Business Strategy, Social Media, Pitching, Working With Brands, Negotiating, Monetization, PR, and Crisis Communication



Clairesse specializes in Influencer Marketing, Business Strategy, Branding, Scaling Businesses, Media Kits and Case Studies, Working With Brands, Negotiating, Contracts and Monetization.

“She pointedly told me what I was doing well and where there was room for improvement, with actionable steps I can take to immediately take my brand to the next level. Our meeting was 100% substance and no fluff. I now know I have a professional who works on both sides of the equation in my corner.” 


Working with Sidewalker Daily has been essential to giving me the kick I need to get my dreams of Social Media making off the ground.

I loved receiving a tailored action plan at every meeting and having someone to guide me in the right direction. Every part of my mentorship meetings were practical and actionable. I feel more equipped to handle negotiations with brands and create work that my audience resonates with. I highly recommend anyone going down the path as a content creator seek the right mentorship and advice, especially from people you trust. 


So far every pitch she’s helped me with has been approved and I have

made over 5 figures now.

I was skeptical about investing in Sidewalker Daily because of not-so-great past experiences with other programs. However, having worked with Nina and seeing results so quickly makes me wish I would’ve earlier! Nina has been amazing through the process of monetizing my Instagram account. She is an expert and knows exactly how to pitch to brands. So far every pitch she’s helped me with has been approved and I have made over 5 figures from the use of my Instagram. Eternally grateful for Nina and everything she has to offer.


I feel like I learned more in my 4 sessions with Clairesse than I did in my 4 years of college.

She immediately took everything I said and created a plan and she would explain it. When you have the right person by your side cheering you on and wanting to see you succeed, you can learn more from them in a few hours than you can sitting in the wrong place for years. They help you create a plan, figure out steps to get to your goals and in those moments when you’re doing your job they pop out of no where (like Tinkerbell) and give you advice you need (that you don’t even know you need) and I think I love that most. They support me, they help me, they see my vision and want my vision to happen



Social Media Audits, Media Kit Design and Pinterest Coaching

Get support from an expert

Social Media Account Audit

Get professional feedback on the social media accounts of your choice as well as recommendations from an expert on how to increase your following and position yourself for more brand partnerships. Leave with actionable steps and things to improve so you can make changes and optimize your social media accounts ASAP.


Get professional feedback on your Media Kit from an expert and get actionable advice on any necessary changes needed to make your Media Kit the best it can be. We will also give you the “brands perspective” and let you know any changes you can make to improve your chances of landing more paid brand deals.


Get professional feedback on your pitches so you can land more paid brand deals! This package includes a one hour strategy session to understand your goals and figure out positioning. Then after the first session, you will have up to 150 minutes on account for Nina to review your pitches and give you direct feedback and edits to help you make them perfect to send out!

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We work with influencers and creators in every niche and at every level.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a celebrity influencer with millions of followers, we work with influencers and creators at every level to help them build their business. From plant influencers, to crafting Influencers, to Reality Stars, to Nurse Influencers to Meme Accounts, we’ve seen it all and have worked with tons of different types of influencers, creators, digital entrepreneurs, small businesses and even other coaches to help them build their business online and make more money.  

We’re Excited About the opportunity to work with you too!











Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

What can we discuss in a coaching session?

Literally anything related to your biz! Whether you want feedback on a pitch, want to discuss how to grow your social media following, how to start a YouTube channel, brainstorm ideas for making more money as an influencer or creator, the topics are endless!

What's the best way to get prepared for our call?

Come with questions and have anything you want to be reviewed by your coach prepared so you are ready to share screen (instead of spending time searching for it). This way, we can dive right in and don’t forget to fill out the intake questionnaire so we can review it before your session!

Once I purchase a session, what happens next?

A member from our team will reach out to you within the next 24 hours to schedule your session with your coach.

Where do the coaching calls take place?

We love Zoom so we can be on video, but happy to also do Google Meets, a What’sApp call or phone call *US only*.

How long do I have to use my coaching session?

You must use your coaching hours within 3 months of purchase or they expire. All coaching sessions are non-refundable. 

If I order a specialty service (Media Kit, Instagram Audit, Pinterest Coaching) what happens next?

A member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours via email to coordinate next steps. If you order an Instagram Audit or Pinterest coaching, we will be scheduling your session so we can help you get started making moves. If you booked our team to design your media kit, we will be in touch with all the onboarding materials and to schedule your intake call so we can get the design process started ASAP.

expert advice

Book A Private Coaching Session Today 

Speak to a coach and Get your questions answered

If you’re serious about your business and ready to get the help you need to stop wasting time and start making progress then book a coaching session today with one of our experts and let’s get started reaching your goals ASAP!

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