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“Our first brand partnership proposal we sent out was just accepted for a $20,000 project.”

“All of this happened for us only 3 months after enrolling…

  • Our first brand partnership proposal (created following the Sidewalker framework) was accepted for a $20,000 project.
  • Successfully pitched and worked with several tourism boards around the country
  • We were handpicked to appear in a TikTok channel launch campaign for one of the biggest homestay brands in the world
  • Cold pitched and landed a call with our dream auto manufacturer… all with under 5,000 followers

“This course has been PHENOMENAL and was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I can’t begin to describe just how well-researched and put together this course alone was with the content and it’s presentation. What I truly love and appreciate about this course is that it has so much advice that you LITERALLY cannot get anywhere else. It was refreshing to say the least that this course did not reiterate things I already knew, making it worth the investment. With that all being said, I just want to say THANK YOU for creating this course. This is LITERALLY a game-changer for so many influencers/content creators out there for them to get paid their worth and establish long-lasting partnerships!” @espdaniella

“I have officially earned a 5-figure income from the use of my INSTAGRAM!”

“I was skeptical about investing in Sidewalker Daily because of not-so- great past experiences with other programs. However, having worked with Nina and seeing results so quickly makes me wish I would’ve earlier! Nina has been an amazing help through the process of monetizing my Instagram account. She is an expert and knows exactly how to pitch to brands. So far every pitch she’s helped me with has been approved and I had made over 4 figures in just one month when I started. Now I have officially earned a 5 figure income. Eternally grateful for Nina and everything she has to offer.” @chroniclesofnursing

“It’s only been one month after the course we have already signed contracts in one week worth the amount we made all of last YEAR in partnerships!”

 Nina is professional, personable, and truly cares about her clients. It’s only been one month after the course we have already signed contracts in one week worth the amount we made all of last YEAR in partnerships! But even better it’s with companies that we absolutely LOVE and use everyday! We also have three more brands we are in negotiation with currently that we have partnered with before! We refer back to the courses almost every day and multiple companies have commented on how organized we are because of the media kits, proposals, and case studies. This course is worth the investment if you are serious about building your business and building professional partnerships! – @nickscustomwoodworks

“One week after I finished the entire course I was able to close my first two brand deals. I literally made three times the money that I had invested in the course.”
“I just signed a couple thousand dollar deals this month and I’ve been able to make more than my 9-5 job.”
“I have quadrupled my monthly income AS A CREATOR thanks to this Mastercourse.”

“I’ve just locked in a few collabs and I’ve only had the new media kit for a few days. I have quadrupled my monthly income as a creator thanks to this Mastercourse. It’s actually given me a roadmap to make this a career. I’m able to confidently go back to brand partnerships, pitch again & make more money. I have turned gifted collabs into paid collabs now and it has skyrocketed what I thought was possible for me. Now i’m working with over 10 brands a month” @lewildexplorer

“I made $6,000 on my very first brand deal. I had only gotten gifted collabs before this!”

“2 weeks after the Mastercourse I made $6,000 on my very first brand deal. I had only gotten gifted collabs before this! Fast forward another month and another brand now wants to pay me $3,000 every month for UGC content.” @themelanin.method (8k followers at this time)



“As a nano/micro influencer with 600 followers, I was able to get my first complimentary hotel stay.”

As a direct result of working with Nina to develop my pitching strategy, I landed work with brands. I continue to use the tools I learned to craft winning pitches. As a nano/micro influencer with 600 followers, I was able to get my first complimentary hotel stay. Since Nina has worked with hotels before, she was able to help me perfect my media kit, craft my pitch, and give me the confidence to press send!

“The money I invested was easily made back with just one project that I got thanks to them.”

Nina & Clairesse of Sidewalker Daily have had a huge impact on my bottom line. The money I invested was easily made back with just one project that I got thanks to them. They constantly go above and beyond to help their students. Not only did they give me the motivation I needed to start pitching, but they gave me strategies that worked and helped me get PAID WORK. I am now on a roll, pitching new business left and right, and feel confident with the tools and strategies I learned from the Sidewalker Daily team.”

IT’S WORKING! FAST! We already booked a huge job within the first 2 weeks. Everything has changed for us since we have taken this course.”
“Since doing this course, I have doubled my monthly income goal every month. Plus now a brand gave me their video budget for the entire year.”

I feel so much more confident pitching brands knowing I have a stellar media kit that is going to make me stand out. I’ve already locked in some collabs and I’ve only had the media kit for a few days.

Nina and Clairesse opened my eyes to an entirely new way of connecting with brands and developing proposals for those companies who were interested in my work, and get paid for it.

I sent over a pitch to a popular hotel chain, which was accepted (with my following of 2k). The class itself is extensive and fills in a TON of missing gaps that I had in my knowledge. I feel more confident in my ability to negotiate with brands in my favor.

Group Coaching has been a game-changer for my business. The guidance, ideas, strategy, support, accountability, and networking opportunities is exactly what my brand was missing. It has helped me get clarity, create goals, take action, make moves, and GROW my business.

Nina + Clairesse are excellent at cultivating an environment for you to thrive IF you want it! It’s not fluff, you have to do the work, and execute, but they have all the tools to teach you how to put one foot in front of the other. The thing I love most about my experience is transparency.

Aside from just helpful tips and info I’d previously seen, now I was able to get tips and advice tailored specifically to me and my BRAND. Bottom line, this will be the most worthwhile investment you will make IF you truly want to grow and monetize your brand.

I am obsessed with this community! Nina and Clairesse are super knowledgable with everything influencer related and growing your brand. They have so many golden nuggets you don’t learn from anyone else and you will learn so much. Highly recommend.

Hands down, one of the best investments I’ve made. Not only have I walked away with new tools and strategies but I’ve also gotten to meet a wonderful group of people and it truly feels like a community.


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I feel that joining the Group Coaching was the best investment I made in 2020. Nina and Clairesse not only provided valuable information, they actually took time to give feedback on our work and answered ALL of our questions. This is something you’ll never get by taking a course or participating in a seminar. Nina and Clairesse gave me the clarity and guidance I needed in my business, and within a month, I made my investment back. And don’t even get me started on the Sidewalker Daily Community, I met the most inspiring, creative people during our calls!


Sidewalker Daily has been the best investment I could have made for myself, my brand and my business. I have gained an endless amount of tools that I continue to use on a day to day basis from pitching to brands and formally submitting a proposal to getting on a phone call with the marketing director at a resort property. The supportive community is unlike no other I’ve ever been part of. Nina and Clairesse are both heavily invested in your growth and goals from start to finish. I decided to invest a lot of my time into this program ultimately knowing both Nina’s and Clairesse’s wealth of knowledge would eventually help me get to that next level.


KYANA | @kyanasue
GEORGIA | @georgiafowkes

After being disappointed by other courses, the Pitching To Brands Mastercourse is quite frankly: the best out there. You won’t regret it!

Their knowledge is amazing. I’ve already incorporated some of what they taught in the first module and believe it or not, I’ve upped my engagement and following!

I definitely recommend to anyone who wants to start monetizing their passion into a business.


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