Sidewalker Daily is a marketing consulting agency who works on both sides of the influencer equation. On one hand, we work with brands on their influencer campaigns and strategic partnerships, while on the other, we work directly with influencers and content creators and help them build sustainable businesses online.

Think about it, we run campaigns for brands, but we also have this huge community of travel influencers and creators we work with. Our goal is to play matchmaker and allow our clients to work with some of the best travel influencers in the space, and at the same time, help the influencers in our community be better business people by giving them insight into the brand perspective and what it really takes to make it in this industry.

To the brands:

Whether it’s creating a custom influencer trip for our client Jetsetter, or working with the Costa Rica Tourism Board on their year long influencer campaign – travel influencer marketing and strategic partnerships are our strong suit.

After all, Sidewalker Daily was born on Instagram, so when it comes to all things social and influencer, this is our happy place. We actually fell into this world via our Instagram platform, @sidewalkerdaily. After growing our account to a community of over 70,000 travelers and attending multiple press trips as an “influencer”- we realized many people on the brand side didn’t understand the needs of those on the influencer side and vice versa. How could you have a successful partnership if both sides didn’t understand each other and speak the same “language?”

That’s where we come in. We help our clients develop successful influencer campaigns where it’s a win – win for everyone involved. Our clients have exclusive access to our signature Press Trip Program where they can access our rolodex of influencers that vary across niches, geographic regions, sizes of followers and more.

To view the brands we’ve worked with and learn more about the services we offer, click here.

To the influencers and creators:

You love travel, blogging, Insta Storying but most of all – creating beautiful content. You know exactly how to set up a breakfast shot on a balcony and are a self taught Lightroom pro.

But, when it comes to valuing yourself and getting PAID, you don’t know if you’re undervaluing yourself or being straight up greedy.

You’re not quite sure what the next steps are if someone uses your content without giving you proper credit and confused if you should claim that “gifted” swimsuit on your taxes.

Whether you’re new to the travel blogging game or already making a full-time living off your influence, you’re in the right place!

Since you’re here right now, we’d put money on the fact that you’re an entrepreneur at heart, have a do whatever it takes attitude and a damn good looking Instagram page.

But maybe you need a little support on the business side of things…

You’re READY to be your own boss, make your own schedule and even bid farewell to your 9-5 (or even just move out of your parents house).

But thinking about all the steps you have to take to make that your reality overwhelms you.

Trust us, that was our story not too long ago.

Hi! We’re Nina and Clairesse, a MBA + JD duo dedicated to helping travel minded influencers create profitable and legit businesses both on and offline.

Sidewalker Mail

We’re experts at taking side hustle and turning it into main hustle so if you’re looking to make the transition then welcome to the gang!

But before we spill the deets on how we leveraged Sidewalker Daily into a full-time gig, we gotta fill you in on a few of our core beliefs:

  1. We believe being a normal human will get you far in life (this means being kind, grateful, and adding human touches to everything you do).
  2. We believe that in order to turn your blog into a full-time business, you have to treat it like a real client.
  3. We believe that social media is like the Wild West – there’s room for everyone and confidence in yourself will take you a long way!

So, how did this become our lives?

In early 2015, we co-founded one of the original travel/style communities on Instagram, @sidewalkerdaily, and over the years have leveraged it into a full-time gig. We’re humbled that a small Insta account is now a community of over 70,000 strong and not to mention our bread and butter.

We know you’re thinking “How the [Insert Explicit] did they do that?” and we’re here to tell you the secret to life (or maybe just a super helpful lesson):

Treating your dream like a business is the only way to bet on your success.

From day 1 we acted like @sidewalkerdaily was a legit business – from trademarks to contracts – we were determined to make what we loved doing into our full-time job.

We started consulting for other brands and now we get to organize influencer press trips and craft social media strategy for some of our favorite places in the world! Cue in our Press Trip Program!

Unlike traditional bloggers, we’re not forward facing – we make our money from behind the scenes. Clients pay us to handle their influencer marketing, which makes us EXPERTS in what brands are looking for.

Basically, we’re the ones who get to say YAY or NAY for influencer opportunities, which means our opinion counts when it comes to this stuff. We also run our business like a well oiled machine and handle most everything in house- trust us,  there is no one better to run your business than YOU!

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE working with our clients but nothing makes us more excited than helping our fellow influencers take their business to the next level too.

Think of us as your “outsourced business manager” – guiding you through the world of partnerships and business strategy.

If you’re looking to turn your social influence into:

  • A full time job
  • An avenue to make more money
  • An opportunity to travel more
  • A way to meet new people
  • A platform to just do cool sh*t

Then we’re happy you’re here! We’ll teach you how to increase your partnerships and lay the proper foundation for your business so that when you land these amazing paid partnerships in the future (which you will), you won’t run into any problems along the way.

We promise we’re humble but sure you’re curious about our professional street cred so here you go:


Nina Zadeh is the co-founder and Director of Partnerships at Sidewalker Daily, a marketing consulting agency who works on both sides of the influencer equation. On one hand, she works with destinations and hospitality clients on their influencer marketing initiatives and social media strategy. On the other hand, Nina works with influencers and bloggers to help transform their travel influence, provide opportunities through Sidewalker Daily’s signature Press Trip Program and create sustainable businesses online.

By managing influencer press trips for clients such as the Costa Rica Tourism Board and The Santa Maria, Nina is able to shed light on the client perspective to the Sidewalker Daily community of bloggers and influencers. Nina’s unique position on both sides of the industry helps bridge the gap between travel brands and influencers to ensure every partnership is a win-win for all involved.

Since 2009, Nina has also worked as a brand strategist and strategic partnership consultant to fashion and lifestyle companies. She has helped her clients land partnerships with major brands such as Whole Foods Markets, Lord & Taylor, Drybar and Contiki Tours, among many others.

Nina received her MBA in Marketing from Fordham University in New York City and holds a B.A. in Economics and Communications from Boston College. Fun fact: Nina grew up between the Bahamas, France, Miami and Dubai and speaks four languages. She now lives in South Florida with her husband, daughter and beagle mix Riley.


Clairesse Brogoitti graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in Communications and Sociology. She received her JD from Pepperdine School of Law and is a Fellow of the Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship & Law. Prior to Sidewalker Daily, Clairesse practiced law in Los Angeles and worked with start up companies in both a business and legal capacity. Clairesse holds 2 U.S. Patents for her invention in the cosmetics industry.

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Nina Zadeh
Nina ZadehDirector of Partnerships, MBA
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Clairesse BrogoittiDirector of Business Affairs, JD

We’re industry experts devoted to helping entrepreneurs in the travel space understand their value and turn their influence into a legit business.