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Sidewalker Daily is a team of Influencer Marketing Experts and Social Strategists who work on both sides of the Influencer industry. On one hand, we help Creators, Influencers and Digital Entrepreneurs build businesses and monetize their online influence. We also work with brands on developing their influencer marketing campaigns and social media strategy. 

Sidewalker’s unique position on both sides of the Influencer Industry ensure their clients get access to highly valuable information and strategies not found anywhere else. Founded in 2015 by an MBA and Lawyer duo, Sidewalker values innovation, strategy and transparency in the influencer and social media space. 

The Sidewalker team has managed $100,000+ Influencer budgets and social media campaigns for their clients and has helped thousands of influencers and creators around the globe build their businesses. We love seeing our clients succeed and are excited to help you reach your goals too!

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The Sidewalker Daily Team 

Welcome, we’ve been waiting for you!

Nina Zadeh, MBA

Nina is the co-founder of Sidewalker Daily and spends her days creating strategic content, coming up with creative ideas to help our clients stand out and reach their goals and working with brands, influencers and creators on their businesses. Nina has been working in the influencer space for over 8 years and can shed light on market trends and the growth of the industry. 

Prior to Sidewalker, Nina worked as a celebrity fashion stylist, producing campaigns for New York Fashion week, and as a brand strategist and strategic partnership consultant to fashion and lifestyle companies. She has helped her clients land partnerships with major brands such as Whole Foods Markets, Lord & Taylor and Contiki Tours, among many others.

Nina received her MBA in Marketing from Fordham University in New York City and holds a B.A. in Economics and Communications from Boston College. Fun fact: Nina grew up between the Bahamas, France, Miami and Dubai and speaks four languages. 


Clairesse Brogoitti, JD

Clairesse is the co-founder of Sidewalker Daily and spends her days negotiating deals, managing the Sidewalker Daily brand and producing social media and influencer campaigns for companies. Her unique law and business background allows her to shed light on multiple facets of the ever-changing influencer industry and support influencers on figuring out the best brand and business strategy to meet their unique goals. 

Clairesse has worked as a social media and brand strategist to travel, fashion, nonprofit, food and lifestyle companies. She has helped her clients land strategic partnerships with major brands such as Escada, Drybar, and Kendra Scott, among many others. Prior to Sidewalker Daily, Clairesse practiced law in Los Angeles and worked with start up companies in both a business and legal capacity.

Clairesse Brogoitti graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in Communications and Sociology. She received her JD from Pepperdine School of Law with a focus on Entrepreneurship. Clairesse holds 2 U.S. Patents for her invention in the cosmetics industry. Fun fact: Clairesse grew up in a pineapple field on a volcano in Hawaii.


Get To Know Us

How It All Started…

learn more about our story 

 What started off as an Instagram account over 6 years ago and transformed into one of the most well-respected businesses in the Influencer industry, providing Influencer Marketing and Social Media solutions to Influencers, Creators and Brands all over the world.  

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to see how we got here today!


Nina + Clairesse met in college

Our Co-founders meet in college and knew they wanted to work together one day but just didn’t know when it was ever going to happen! After college they went their separate ways, Nina to business school to get her MBA and Clairesse to get her law degree and become a lawyer. After a series of life events the day came when it was time to take the leap and start a business together and Sidewalker Daily was born!  


We’re Open!

Nina and Clairesse started one of the first Instagram accounts celebrating female travelers globetrotting around the world back in 2015. Shortly after, we opened a marketing agency helping companies around the globe build out their social media and digital strategy.  



Our travel Instagram account grew so fast and brands started to notice! We were invited on our first Influencer Press Trip in 2016. After attending the trip, we had so many ideas of how to build out the industry and make it better for influencers as well as help brands reach their goals (to make sure the industry kept growing) so we knew we had to change things up. 


Brand Consulting

Since Nina and Clairesse are business professionals, they realized they loved the business side of the influencer industry and expanded their services to also design and manage Influencer Marketing Campaigns For Brands. They worked with PR companies, hotels, tourism boards, and consumer clients to educate them on the benefits of Influencer Marketing and incorporate it into their marketing strategy. 


Influencer + Creator Coaching

While booking influencers and creators on our brand clients’ Influencer campaigns, we quickly realized that there was a big disconnect between brands and creators and we knew we needed to jump in to bridge that gap. That’s when we launched our Influencer & Creator Coaching Services and Educational materials to help Creators build a business, work with brands and monetize their social influence. 


Courses + Programs

As the Influencer and Creator Industry quickly picked up speed, we needed to help creators and influencers on a larger scale so we launched our signature courses and programs, sharing our years of experience of working with brands, and helping Influencers and Creators make money and build business. With out digital courses we’re able to help even more influencers and creators around the globe take their business to the next level. 

free live trainings for creators

Join our co-founder, Nina Zadeh, for free trainings designed for influencers & creators covering topics like how to get brand deals, social media strategy, media kit tips & more. Creators have used our free training tips to land partnerships with brands like Amazon & Adobe so we know you'll love it too.

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Whether you’re an influencer looking to learn how to make money on social media or a creator who needs help negotiating a brand deal, or a company representative who needs guidance on designing an influencer campaign, we can help you reach your goals! Learn more about our available services and programs below to get started.  

learn more about the Influencer industry and social media trends

Get up to date information on influencer trends, business advice, social media strategy and industry news on our digital channels. Whether you love reading blog articles, watching videos or learning on the go, we have something for you via our Free Live Trainings, YouTube channel and Podcast. 


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