If you’re a travel blogger, influencer or content creator you need to know that a media kit is one of the most valuable marketing assets to land partnerships and clients. Having a kick ass media kit is a sure way to get noticed and show that you not only have the street cred to deserve the job, but it also shows you are a true professional.

We like to think of media kits as a resume – you wouldn’t apply to a job without having an updated and polished resume right? Then why would pitching to a brand partner or client be any different?

Since here at Sidewalker Daily we work on both sides of the influencer equation, we know the value in creating an amazing influencer or blogger media kit when trying to impress brand partners. We receive tons of media kits when working with our tourism board and hotel clients and you can tell right away which content creators take their job seriously and which don’t.

Since media kits are such a hot topic in this industry, we’re going to shed some light on all the things you need to know to start making partnership magic happen sooner rather than later.

How to Create A Travel Influencer Or Blogger Media Kit

So what is a Media Kit, anyway?

Basically, a media kit is a presentation or set of promotional materials that includes important information about your online brand, blog or business that is used to pitch your services to potential brand partners or clients.

It’s a summary of all the aspects of your content creation or blogging business that a brand would need to know when considering whether to work with you or not. In the blogger and influencer world, it doubles as a visual resume that also represents your brand vibe and aesthetic.

Just FYI – a media kit is sometimes referred to as an influencer or blogger press kit just in case you get asked for that, you’ll know what they mean!

Why a blogger Media Kit is so important for your business.

When pitching to brand partners you have a limited time to really “wow” them and tell them everything they would ever need to know to even consider you for the job or deal. Since there are most likely many other bloggers or influencers in competition for the partnership or collaboration, a professional media kit is a great way to set you apart from the crowd. It allows you to show the decision makers what makes you the perfect fit for the destination or brand.

Also, since a media kit is a summary of what anyone would want to know (ie. stats, engagement, followers) they can quickly look over everything without having to spend time searching for your accounts and trying to figure out that information on their own. Trust us, no one has time for that so the easier you make it on them, the better.

Also, media kits are a great way to let brand partners know you take blogging and being a social influencer seriously! Sending over a media kit is not only professional, but expected (even if they don’t look at it). And don’t just take it from us – full-time travel/lifestyle influencer and content creator, Amy Marietta, shares her personal experience about using her media kit when pitching to brand partners in this article, so keep reading. :) 

And if you’re just starting out, creating a media kit for new bloggers is a good idea because micro influencers are working more and more and brands expect to see one, no matter what level you’re at.

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