Finding your niche in the travel space is what everyone is talking about right now and to be honest, we couldn’t agree more with all of the hype. As the travel space gets more and more saturated, we all have to figure out ways to stand out. And one of the best ways to find your little place in this influencer world is to get a travel blog niche ASAP!

We work with travel bloggers and influencers on growing their business and partnerships and one of main things we cover day in and day out is how to choose a travel niche and make money blogging. Since we also work with brands, destinations and tourism boards on all things influencer marketing, we know how important it is for these businesses to work with niche travel bloggers.

We talk about niche all the time but recently attended a travel conference where some really amazing women got down to the nitty gritty about finding the right niche for your blog – and we just knew we had to share their message with you. So thanks to Cha McCoy and Cha Jones for inspiring this post!

Now, let’s get to business…

how to perfect your travel blog niche article

First, Let’s Talk About Why Travel Blog Niches Are So Important. 

A niche is something that relates to a specialized section of the population and is a specific market – not broad categories like fashion, travel, sports. When you target a niche, there is less people to target then the big box categories but there is also less competition which inevitably means more chance to stand out!

So let’s take the broad category of travel as an example – there are many types of travelers that make up that large group of people – eco travelers, adventurous travelers, luxury travelers etc.

So basically finding your travel blog niche means you are trying to find people that connect with you and what your blog or business is talking about. You are giving them the information and content they are looking to find!

Many bloggers and influencers have tons of interests, after all we are human but…

…you need to focus on having a focus.

We know it’s easier said than done but the more you can focus on niche topics, the more clear your messaging will be to your audience. Since the blogging world is so cluttered, if people can’t understand the exact information you “serve”, how can they order from you?

blogger sorting through pictures

We all know blogging and creating content is A LOT of work so you want more people than just your mom to see what you’re doing, right? We promise that having a clear idea of your purp