The most important part about being an influencer is having…drum roll please…influence! Just because you have tens of thousands of followers doesn’t mean you can do the job right. Before you jump into trying to earn money on social media from your “influence,” the first step is making sure you have what it takes to get the job done!

Since we work with destinations, hotels and travel brands on their influencer initiatives, we’re sticklers for bloggers and content creators being able to deliver on their promise. If you’re getting hired as a traditional influencer then you better be able to drive clicks, sales, downloads or whatever other conversion the brand is looking for when partnering with you.

So how do you find out if you have what brands are looking for when working with influencers… you test it!

Testing your influence is a great way to see what stage you’re at as well as figure out how you can improve to better serve your followers and be a desirable partner for brands.

test your influence with a brand partnership

When coaching the influencers we work with, we always first ask if they’ve tested their influence and 9 times out of 10 they haven’t! If brands are not demanding analytics and results from you just yet – don’t get comfortable, things are going to start to change fast.

The best way to get ahead of the new trend of brands demanding ROI is to figure out what your audience likes and makes them tick and more importantly, what they don’t like and what they don’t respond to. Understanding your followers and fans is important to make sure you can keep your job…after all they are your number one client.

Since brand partnerships are one of the main ways to earn money as an influencer, knowing how to make your followers and fans excited about a product or service while also delivering ROI for the client is the special sauce that will make you stand out in this industry. 

When first testing your influence, we always suggest teaming up with a brand that you think your audience would resonate with to see if you have actual selling power!

You can track your clicks and sales and if you are successful then voila, you’ve got a case study to use in your media kit and help you land brand partnerships. And if you have proven results, you’ll also be able to charge more and definitely up your chances of getting selected for coveted press trips around the world. 

Since you may not have a close personal relationship with a brand to work with, we designed this special program for all those in our community who want to test their influence by teaming up with a brand without the stress and worry that comes along with it. 

So for this program, we’ve teamed up with our friends at A.M. Club – a line of super cool scarves started by blogger, Amy Marietta – to help you out! 

A.M. Club Scarves

What Is The Sidewalker Daily “Test Your Influence” Program?

This program is designed to help travel bloggers and influencers (YOU!) test their influence by receiving a unique discount code to share with their followers or fans. The best part about this program is that everything is confidential and there is absolutely no pressure. So if you sell a lot, awesome you are case study ready and if you sell none, no worries and guess what, no one will ever know!

While the current brand we are working with is A.M. Club, we are definitely accepting brand applications to offer other opportunities down the line.

In a nutshell, the program works like this – you will receive wholesale pricing (50% off) any scarf on the website and a unique discount code to share with your followers and fans for 15% off any product from A.M. Club. After you’re finished promoting and running the test, you’ll receive all the sales analytics from A.M. Club that you need to create a proper case study.

This program is a great way to test your audience, see how they react to a sales pitch in a caption, if they’ll swipe up in an Insta Story, or click a link in your email pitch etc. You’ll be able to figure out how you can leverage your influence to make brands excited to work with you (which is everyones goal)!

A.M. Club Scarves Line

So If You’re Interested In Testing Your Influence With A.M. Club Here’s How It Will Work.

Step 1: Purchase the scarf (or scarves) you love from A.M. Club using our secret code for 50% off. Get the one you love and think your audience would like too so you can style away! Just contact us at to grab the secret code for 50 OFF!

Step 2: After you purchase your scarf, contact A.M. Club to get your unique code (for example, YOURBLOGNAME15) which will give your followers 15% off their purchase. Not to worry, we’ll also give you A.M. Club’s contact info when you reach out to us at in Step 1.

sample images of A.M. Club scarves

Step 3: Get your thinking cap on and come up with a strategy – what content are you going to create that will resonate with your audience – photos, stories, videos. Come up with different captions so you can try to see what works with your followers and fans. You can also come up with fun ways to style the scarves that are untraditional to give your audience creative ideas – put them on your favorite handbag or luggage, use them as a hair wrap or even dress up your dog for a walk around the town. They are seriously cute on anything and everything!

Step 4: Create a trackable link to put in your account bio or promotional posts so you can track how many people click through to the A.M. Club website to check it out (hey that’s good info to know – driving clicks is a big deal!) Don’t worry about tracking purchases, the A.M. Club team will be doing that and provide you with your results upon request. You can ask them to send your results monthly, or if you’re going to run the test for a shorter amount of time, just contact them when you’re all done!

blogger and influencer amy marietta in A.M. Club

Step 5: Promote, promote, promote. Try different times of the day, different mediums, different copy and track what you’re promoting. That way you can compare it with your click through results (which if you use a company such as Bitly to do so, they will track them for you daily) as well as sales analytics that you’ll snag from A.M. Club after you’re done. It’s important to try different things and test so when you get your next paid partnership with a brand or destination, you’ll have more insight into how to make the partnership a home run (and make the brand want to work with you again and again).

Step 6: When you’re done running your test, contact A.M. Club to get your sales results! Like we said, it’s all confidential and we’re here to support you so no matter if you sell a million or sell zero, it’s a great way to see where you’re at and how you can improve. Even the biggest influencers in the game are constantly testing and revamping their tactics. The industry is changing so much that we all have to stay on our toes!

styled scarves for men and women

We can’t wait to see you do big things…we’re seriously your biggest hype girls! And a huge thanks to Amy and the A.M. Club team for helping out the Sidewalker Daily community and working with us on such an exciting program!

Questions About The Program Or Just Wanna Get In Touch?

Influencers: If you’re a blogger or influencer and have any questions about this program, feel free to reach out to us at with the subject “AM CLUB” and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Brands: If you are a brand interested in being part of this program, please contact us at with the subject “TEST YOUR INFLUENCE” and we’ll get back to you!

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