In a world of ever-changing algorithms and saturation, how does one stand out from the rest? Do you need better filters? Or a better camera? The answer is surprisingly, NO! Instagram Stories is one of the most underrated features when it comes to standing out from the crowd, and in this post, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Instagram Stories tips to help you up your social media game.

Since Sidewalker Daily works with travel brands on their influencer marketing initiatives, we’re always doing our best to stay on top of market trends, and we’ve noticed that Instagram Stories are way more than meets the eye. It’s basically like LIVE TV and can definitely help create a serious relationship with your audience. Not to mention, it’s an additional way to monetize your Instagram account…which is everyone’s goal, right?!

So we’ve teamed up with travel influencer (and Stories wizard), Klaudia from The Travel Critic, to give you some insider Instagram Stories tips to help you take your Stories game to the next level. From the best apps, to engaging videos, she’s diving into all the latest tips and tricks in the Insta Story world.

Influencer Instagram Stories: How To Use Them + Why By Klaudia, The Travel Critic. 

First things first, why are Instagram Stories so important for your brand? Let’s get straight to the facts.  There are now more eyeballs on Instagram Stories than on Snapchat, which makes it very clear that Instagram isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Currently, Instagram Stories has over 400+ million users per day. With such staggering numbers, it’s no wonder why influencers are able to monetize their Stories (with swipe up links etc). Instagram Stories is the perfect outlet for true digital storytelling.

Also, using Stories in the right way is one of my favorite tips to massively increase Instagram engagement. By curating exciting video/photography, you can create captivating Stories that will keep your audience engaged and impressed.

If you’re the type that isn’t comfortable on camera  – do not worry! This is totally natural. Once you do it a few times, and start getting the hang of it, you’ll be a pro. In fact, that is exactly why followers enjoy watching Instagram Stories, because it’s more natural and they feel like they can better connect with you. Being your authentic self is the name of the game. Perfectly curated posts are the standard, but your personality is what will keep you unique on the platform.

But let’s say you’re already comfortable being in front of the camera and now you’re wondering “how can I take my Stories to the next level?” Stay tuned for that because I’m covering tons of creative ways to stand out below.

When pitching to work with other brands, Instagram Stories is also a great asset! For one, if you have high engagement on your Stories, you can combine it in your deliverable set. I know influencers who promote tons of sponsored content just on Stories, but not on their permanent posts. The more you use Stories, the more you build your loyal following and can then capitalize on this engagement on paid partnerships.

And if you’re a content creator working with brands, then Stories are also a way for you to add value to your client, in addition to the content you are creating for them!