5 Major Influencer Website Mistakes

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influencer website mistakes



Your website is one of your most important business assets because it’s a place online that potential clients, brands and followers look to learn more about you and what your brand is all about. Here at Sidewalker Daily, we’re professional Influencer and Creator coaches and during our private coaching sessions we get so many questions about website tips and requests to review Influencer websites and provide feedback. After seeing hundreds of social media Influencer websites, we realized that Creators are making major mistakes that could be hurting their businesses.

If you’re serious about building your Influencer or Creator business, then it’s really important you have a website and that it’s done right. In this article, we’ll be covering the major mistakes we see and will also be providing website tips to help you fix them!

Mistake One: Influencer Website Design Is Outdated

One of the top Influencer website mistakes is having a design that’s outdated and no longer reflective of how your brand is today. Most Influencers and Creators think social media is the most important thing in their business but what many fail to realize is that your website is the front door to your business. It’s where people go after finding you on social media to learn more about you, decide if they trust you, and ultimately see what you have to offer them that’s more than just posts, photos and videos.

Up to date websites are especially important for Influencers who are looking to work with brands and land brand partnerships. When you pitch to brands, you may think the first place they go to look is your social media account but since we work with brands on their Influencer campaigns, we know for a fact that many people on the brand side head straight to the Influencer’s website when they are evaluating whether to work with the influencer on a campaign or not. That means your website needs to be current and showcase your business in the best way possible to make a brand excited about the possibility to work with you. This will also ensure the brand representative is inspired to continue on to the next step in their evaluation process, which is checking out your social handles and the other pitching materials you sent with your pitch, like your media kit.

We offer Influencer website design services as well as media kit design services here at Sidewalker Daily, and before even starting a website we have to work with our clients on optimizing their brand to look professional. Sometimes we create a logo, work on branding colors and even help them choose fonts. This is because the more cohesive and professional your website looks, the more people viewing your website will trust you. With your followers and clients, trust is one of the most important things to have in order to grow your business and ensure your success.

Mistake Two: Your Website Copy Is Not Strong

If you’re an Influencer or Creator then it likely means you’re an authority in a particular niche. Whether it’s yoga for beginners, vegan recipes, or even underwater photography, we can guess that your following and audience comes to you for something special that they are interested in which is the content you create on social media.

A big mistake Influencers and Creators make on their website is not positioning themselves as an authority or expert in their specific niche and industry as well as not providing clear calls to action throughout their website. Yes, visuals, branding and design layout are very important, but how you talk about yourself and the words you choose matters too because it helps a person viewing your website understand that they should pay attention to what you have to say!

Let’s go over an example. Jennie creates vegan recipes and posts them on her website. When someone comes to her website the first line says “I love cooking and I hope you like my recipes.” That really doesn’t tell us anything about Jennie because many people like cooking and create recipes. On the other hand, Jared also specializes in vegan recipes and, the first thing you see when you go to his website is “Professional Chef and Dietician specializing in Vegan Recipes For A Healthy Lifestyle.” If you had to choose between trusting Jennie or Jared without knowing more, which one would you choose? We’re guessing Jared. 

This example is to show you that the copy you have on your website and what you include is very important and it’s essential you optimize it for people to easily understand what you do, why they should trust you and what action you want them to take next.  Having clear calls to action will also help the website viewer navigate your site and get to the pages that you think are the most important for them to see based on your business, services and goals. 

Next time you see Influencer website examples you’ll see what we mean and now that you know this major Influencer website mistake, you’ll be looking extra closely at the words they choose to put on their site and also notice how they can improve. 

Mistake Three: Influencer Website Does Not Use SEO

One of the biggest Influencer website mistakes of all time is not using SEO in blog articles and on your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and when done correctly, is a big driver for organic unpaid website traffic. You may be thinking, how does that relate to my social media Influencer or Creator business? Well if you are focused on growing your following, email list, or even client base, then SEO is a great way to find these people that are directly relevant to your industry or niche. By people searching for topics on Google, your website may populate on the first pages of the search results thanks to SEO. Then if someone clicks on the website page or blog article that shows up, they may stumble upon your site.

Let’s just say for example you’re a mom Influencer and wrote a blog article on the best baby products to put on your baby shower registry. Then there was a mom in a different state who wanted to create their baby registry and went on Google to find recommendations of what to include in it and your article shows up as the fifth article in the search results and she clicks it. After reading the article she may want to learn more about you so she clicks on your about page and sees you also have an Instagram account. She heads over to your Instagram account, loves what you post and follows you. She is the person you want to find online because not only is she interested in your content, but if you’re working with brands on brand partnerships or collabs then they most likely would be working with you to reach an audience of moms too. 

So essentially if you’re not using SEO in your blog articles and throughout your website, you are seriously missing out on tons of traffic from people who are directly interested in what you have to say and who may also turn into future followers and clients. 

Mistake 4: Doesn’t Have The Right Pages For Your Business

Many creators when starting out just buy an Influencer website template and fill it in without thinking what should go on their website that is specific to them and their business. A website should be personal and unique to what you and your business have to offer. With custom pages that communicate exactly what you need to tell someone, it should be easy to navigate. Most of the time you have one shot to communicate what you need to before the person leaves your website and frankly, may never come back.  

For example, if you’re trying to make money as an  Influencer or Creator, do you have a Work With Me page to let people that come to your website know all of the ways you can work together? If you’re a photographer, do you have a portfolio showing the best samples of your work and the diversity of shots you can take? If you’re an Influencer, do you have links out to your Amazon shop of products you recommend or an About page that shares more about your journey and how you got to where you are today to connect more with your audience?

Every Influencer and Creator business is different. That’s why your website should be custom to your brand and have the pages you need for your follower or client to find exactly what they are looking for and also what YOU want to tell them. Buying an Influencer website template and not customizing it for your business is a huge mistake that Creators make. But the fix is easy because websites are not set in stone! You can add the pages and information you need easily by modifying the design.

If you need help brainstorming what information and pages would be great to showcase for your particular business, you can book a private coaching session with one of our experts and we can do a website audit and help come up with a game plan for you to optimize your site to be up to date and have everything you need to set yourself up for success.

Mistake 5: Influencer Website Is Not Maintained

This may sound like a surprise to you, but one of the ultimate Influencer website mistakes is that the website is not maintained. Building a website is a long process and once it’s completed many people just make it live and never look back. But the thing is, just like if you were a store owner, a website needs to be maintained for it to run properly and look good for customers. We can’t even count the number of times we’ve gone to look at an Instagram Influencer website and clicked the Instagram icon or Services page and it displayed an error or broken link message.

When that happens, the ramifications can be more serious than you think because unless someone is really interested in finding out more, they are just going to leave and never see what they were looking for to begin with. That means it could lead to missing new followers on Instagram or even worse, a missed sale or new client.

Another thing having broken links or outdated information on your website can signal to people is that either you don’t care or maybe you’re not in business anymore. Serious businesses maintain their website because it’s their virtual storefront. A potential brand might think that you don’t have attention to detail or that you do this as a hobby and are not serious, which could also affect their perception of you when evaluating if they should choose to work with you or someone else for a brand campaign. If you can’t even care about your own business, how can they feel confident and trust that you will care about theirs?

A great way to fix this is to set aside time to go through your website and check all the links yourself. If you think you may miss some, ask a friend or family member to do you a favor and check for you and send a list of what they found. That way you can make simple fixes to ensure the navigation works perfectly and people are finding what they are looking for easily and want to come back!


An Easy Solution To Fix Your Influencer Website Mistakes

If you have an Influencer website and identified that you’re making some (if not all) of the mistakes we cover in this article, not to worry! The first step is to identify that you have these problems so that you know yo find a solution and put your best foot forward as a Creator.   As a quick recap, here are the top 5 Influencer website mistakes that we help our Creators fix:

1) Your website is outdated: A website that is outdated either doesn’t keep up with current standards or no longer matches your brand. An out-of-date website can drive visitors away or be misleading if your branding as changed.

2) Your website copy isn’t strong: If you’re an authority in your niche, you need to let people know that. What can they expect from you as a Creator? If you don’t tell them and speak to them in a way they’ll understand, you miss out on attracting your audience.

3) Your website doesn’t use SEO: Search engine optimization helps your website get ranked on Google and seen by the right people.  Without considering this, your content’s visibility will pay the price.

4) Your website doesn’t have the right pages for your business: If you’re a photographer, you most likely need a Portfolio. If you’re an Influencer, you probably need links to your Amazon shop. Don’t forget the pages that people will expect to find as they navigate your site!

5) Your website is not maintained: A website takes a while to build, so it is so common for one to be built and then forgotten about. You need to set aside time to check links and maintain your website’s health!

There are many options to fix them – you can hire someone to re-design your site or you can take on the project by yourself and try to re-design your Influencer website. We offer website design services and can help from start to finish, including the re-branding process, so you can have a website that you’re proud to show off and that people are excited to visit. 

If you feel confident in your website design skills, we can also help with the planning process in a private coaching session where we can brainstorm all the pages and information you need that’s specific to you and your business.

While creating a new website may be a lot of work, it will pay off in the long run if you’re serious about your Influencer or Creator business being around for years to come!


All information provided on this Website has been prepared for general educational and informational purposes only. The information on this Website does not constitute, nor is it intended to be a substitute for, legal or financial advice and is general in nature.


Sidewalker Daily is a team of industry experts on both sides of the Influencer Industry. We work with Influencers, Creators, Bloggers and Digital Entrepreneurs through private coaching and online courses to help them make money and build successful businesses. We also work with brands to design their influencer campaigns and develop their social media strategy. Our unique position in the Influencer and Creator Industry allows us to provide valuable insight you won’t find anywhere else!


Sidewalker Daily is a team of industry experts on both sides of the Influencer Industry. We work with Influencers, Creators, Bloggers and Digital Entrepreneurs through private coaching and online courses to help them make money and build successful businesses. We also work with brands to design their influencer campaigns and develop their social media strategy. Our unique position in the Influencer and Creator Industry allows us to provide valuable insight you won't find anywhere else!


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