Just the Tip: All You Need To Know About Tipping In Europe

/Just the Tip: All You Need To Know About Tipping In Europe

Just the Tip: All You Need To Know About Tipping In Europe

tipping in europe

We didn’t go to charm school but still like to keep it classy when we travel. Hey, you never know if the waiter at your favorite cafe could end up being your future hookup! Besides, all seasoned Sidewalkers know that waiters hold the keys to the city. They often know where the great local spots are so when it comes to dining abroad, the friendlier you are, the more likely you will get hooked up with the deets on what to do. When country hopping, tipping can get a little confusing so we created a little guide to tipping in Europe to make sure you keep everyone in your good graces.



tip-in-cashAdding tip to credit card isn’t common and sometimes isn’t even accepted!  Besides, nothing is better than some good hard cash at the end of a nights work. Bring the cash and save yourself a headache. 



As annoying as it is for you to change to Euros, it’s equally as annoying to get currency you can’t use in your home country. Supposedly there are people out there that ask to tip in dollars – this my friends is a big no-no. Rather than asking if they accept dollars, give the locals some love by tipping in their currency. Please refer to our intro on not being a nightmare so you can get the skinny on the happening after hours spots in the city.



It’s not like in America where you’re obligated to tip 15%, even if you have less than average service. I don’t know about you, but in the States, we’re still going to tip that angry waitress at Benihana, because hey, it’s her livelihood and would feel super guilty if we didn’t. When tipping in Europe, if your waiter/waitress was nice and helpful, leave um a little something something. Remember folks, karma is a B.


round-up-imagePaying with cash? Sometimes if you just leave the change that’s enough (and then you don’t have to carry it around with you later). It’s a win-win! This rule is based on good judgement. Leaving behind some random change can also be seen as rude, so try your best to not be a stingy miser pants and tip nicely.



Some countries have service already included in the bill so make sure to double check before leaving your extra wine money. This often happens in swanky hotels when they’re trying to swindle you after that 3rd class of Prosecco. Oh and note to self: in some European countries, you have to ask for the check otherwise it will never come. This is the perfect opportunity to use the international air gesture for “Can I have the check?” God we love doing that hand wave, works like a charm. 

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