One of the best parts of the Sidewalker Daily community is all of the wonderful people we get to meet along the way. Our community consists of all different types of travelpreneurs: videographers, photographers, vloggers, bloggers, influencers, journalists – and the list goes on. What started off as a small community on Instagram has grown to over 70,000+ authentic followers from around the world.

We decided to branch off into the land of Facebook, where we launched our private Facebook group, “Travel Blogger + Influencer Society by Sidewalker Daily”. This group differs from our Instagram page as it digs deeper into topics that are relevant to travelpreneurs. From topics such as, “what is the top drone for beginners,” to “how to pitch to a brand,” to “how to disclose a sponsorship on Instagram,” we love being able to support our community of some of the best content creators from around the world.

How to Create A Travel Influencer Or Blogger Media Kit

When it comes to the top drones for beginners, you have to ask the experts. 

Cue in Brandon Burkley and Amy Seder, a professional content creation duo who work on film and photo projects for some of the biggest hotel brands in the world, such as the Hyatt and St. Regis.

We met Brandon and Amy on a press trip that we organized and hosted in the beautiful country of Jamaica. There are some people in this world that you meet during these trips that you know you’ll stay friends long after the project is over. When we received a question in our Facebook group asking about the best drones for beginners, we knew Brandon was the right person to shed some light on this topic…he is a FAA Part 107 certified remote pilot after all.

So here it is…an overview of the top drones for beginners by Brandon Burkley.  

amy marietta partnership

Drones have opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities for the traveling filmmaker and photographer. They’ve been around within the film industry for quite some time now, however, these were typically very expensive, heavy, difficult to use and unreliable pieces of equipment. Now, with innovators like DJI, drones have become incredibly small, easy to use and affordable for the consumer, prosumer and professional markets alike. I was asked recently by the Sidewalker Daily team to to share my recommendations for the best starter drone. The question came from their private Facebook group by one of their community members:

“Any advice on a good beginner drone? I am scared to commit to an expensive drone, so I’m looking for a cheaper one that ticks the boxes for a travel blogger: Good quality photos, lightweight & not crazy expensive.”

I’ve spent the last few years shooting with several different drones and I’ll share the long and short of my personal opinion.

amy marietta partnership