One of the latest trends in influencer marketing is including Instagram Stories in your partnership, sponsorship or collab package with brands. It’s favorable to influencers because Instagram Stories are an effective way to promote your Instagram sponsorship without having to flood your feed with tons of permanent posts. For some reason, Stories don’t feel as “salesly” but maybe that’s because no matter what you are promoting to your followers, that message is going to disappear in just a short time.

Just because Stories that promote or endorse products don’t last forever, doesn’t mean they are exempt from proper disclosures required by law. Instagram Stories are treated the same as posts – if you have a “material connection” to anything in your Story then you have to disclose that connection to your followers…no matter what. 

Instagram Sponsorship Disclosure Checklist

Brands are increasingly allowing Stories to be a component of an Instagram sponsorship package because they demonstrate measurable and trackable analytics. Every Story view means that someone physically engaged with the post by pressing to watch it. With the rise of bots and fake likes, no one can actually be sure how many people engage with every permanent post on Instagram.

As Instagram sponsorships get displayed on Stories more and more, you can bet that the Federal Trade Commission (the US boss on this topic) will be on the lookout for accounts that do not comply with their disclosure requirements and start cracking down. 

All Instagram Sponsorships Need to Be Disclosed No Matter Where or How They’re Posted.

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) who is the US legal authority on this topic has quickly adapted rules and regulations to catch up with the fast paced social media landscape. With the introduction of new social mediums like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, lawmakers had to figure out how traditional advertising and endorsement rules applied to this new world.

The most important thing to know is if you have a “material connection” to anything in your Instagram Stories then you need to disclose it to your viewers. Generally, a few scenarios can trigger a “material connection” that would require having to go the extra step to make sure your followers understand what that “material connection” really is and how it could potentially impact what you are telling them about.

Basically what a “material connection” means in p