We all get so caught up with our social media numbers that we often forget how important our email list is for the sustainability and growth of our business. Here at Sidewalker Daily, we work with bloggers and influencers to help them create sustainable businesses and we often find ourselves answering two very important questions: “how to grow your email list” and “why is it so important.”

We’re going to tell you something shocking…your email list is actually more valuable than any of your social accounts. Yes, you heard us right. Since we practice what we preach, we’re going to walk you through why you need to shift your focus to growing your email list and also give you some ideas on how to start ASAP.

And if an email list has never crossed your mind, or you have one but don’t really give it any love, don’t worry, by the end of this article we’re positive it will be at the top of your to-do list. :)

how to grow your email list for influencers and bloggers

Why is an email list so valuable? 

There is a laundry list of general reasons why an email list is so valuable to a company but let’s stick to the main reasons that are relevant to you as an influencer, blogger or content creator.

1) They Are Vetted. People don’t give their email address out to just anyone. People that are signing up to hear from you ACTUALLY CARE about what you have to say and that makes them extremely valuable to you and your business. Think about it, since this group of people is both relevant to your niche and trusts you, they are the type of people your brand partners want to target too. Having a vetted and solid email list can be a huge plus when pitching to brands and makes a great recipe for leveraging your influence whether now or in the future.

2) Emails Are Important Because They Convert. Since emails feel so personal they can be a huge factor in driving someone over the edge to purchase a product or service. According to a report by Optinmonster, 66 percent of users make a purchase through email compared to 20 percent on Facebook and 10 percent on Twitter.

Think about all the social channels you have access to – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter – they are all great for providing content to your followers but not always the best if you’re trying to pitch something to sell.

For example, if you’re posting something on Instagram, you have to hope they click “more” to read the entire caption, spend the time to actually read it and not get bored and then click over to your bio to find the link you’re trying to get them to click. It’s a lot of steps and the information is spread out, where in an email, it’s super easy for someone click a link to purchase. 

3) You Actually Own Your Email List. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that all the time we’re putting into growing our social followings and accounts could one day be a waste. We get that you feel a sense of ownership over your social accounts (we do too) but the reality is, they aren’t yours. If Instagram gets sold one day and the new parent company decides to shut it down (like they did with Vine) then poof, all your hard work was for nothing.

On the other hand, your email list is something YOU OWN and no one can take that away from you. Of course we understand that social accounts are extremely important for your business but if everything gets taken away, your email list will be the last man standing.

4) Emails Don’t Fall Victim To Social Algorithms. When you send someone an email, it lands in their account. Ok yes, they may not open it but at least you know it’s there! A study by Optinmonster shows that email reaches 79 percent of people you send the email to compared to Facebook, which has an organic reach of 1%-6% (depending on your total number of fans). 

When it comes to the ever changing algorithm, we all post on social but don’t even know who actually sees our content. It’s a game of crossing fingers and hoping a new algorithm shift won’t affect your account too much!

5) Emails Are Great For Affiliate Sales. If you do affiliate sales to earn money from your influence then you know that if you had to pick any way to get in touch with someone, it would most likely be email, right? Yes, social channels make it way more fun, but they are much more difficult to convert someone because of all the extra steps involved. So if you monetize by affiliate sales you’re going to want to increase your email audience as soon as possible!

6) Emails Make Brands Excited. Companies love email lists because they know emails work. I