Most of us grow up with the dream of changing the world but as we get older, figuring out what that really means and how to actually “change the world” can be overwhelming. Here at Sidewalker Daily, we have an internal motto – “small change affects big change” – that we want to share with you in addition to providing you with some ideas on how to influence change using the power of social media.

The truth is, just by doing something within your reach can create small change and positively affect the lives of those around you…which to us, IS changing the world.

As world travelers and people who are constantly on the move, we want to take this motto on the road with us to have positive impact wherever we go. Whether it’s volunteering at a local nonprofit in Togo or bringing school supplies to donate to children in Albania, there are tons of ways to give back to the communities we visit and also use your influence to inspire your followers and fans to do the same.

Let’s make a pact as a community to come together to show the positive effects of social media and how we can influence people to adopt the motto, “small change affects big change” so all of our efforts, collectively, will change the world!

how to influence change through social media and make an impact

When It Comes To How To Influence And Lead, Martinique Is At The Forefront Of The Movement!

Cue in Martinique Lewis, a leader in important conversations in our industry. From issues such as diversity to using influence to create change, she is making some serious moves and we’re excited to have her share her insight with our community! We asked Martinique to give our community some tips on using influence to impact change while traveling and also share examples of social change through social media…all from her personal experience!

martinique lewis travel content creator

So Here It Is, How To Influence Change Through Social Media By Martinique Lewis! 

A wise man once said, ‘’You shouldn’t do work to be seen, but be seen doing work!’’

As influencers, we have an opportunity to make an impact in every country we visit. We use the word influencer so loosely but who and what are we really influencing?  As guests in other countries, we have a duty not only to leave a place how we found it, but leave it better than how we found it. Traveling from country to country, we need to remind ourselves to deposit as much as we withdraw and a way to do that is through voluntourism and giving.

With the power of social media we can influence our followers to do good in every country they visit. We are leaders and leading by example means positively impacting our community at home and communities we have encountered abroad. If memes can spread like wildfire not even 3 hours after an event happens, so can our impact and ability to affect change and be the change we wish to see. So before leaving a place ask yourself, did I use my influence to make an impact?

As content creators, challenge yourself often to capture things your audience hasn’t seen.  In a market where travel videos can be found on every social platform, all influencers should make it their priority to show others how they can be socially conscious when visiting desired destinations. Being socially aware and contributing to a place not only changes your perspective as a tourist, but the local community’s perspective of tourists in general. It also supports tourism boards working with influencers who might not have accepted influencer marketing as a means of brand visibility.