Best places to take photos in marrakech
Marrakech Morocco travel guide

Planning a trip to Marrakech? Or just in the mood to daydream? We totally get how chaotic traveling can be and wanted to make exploring the city as easy as possible. Honestly, who has extra time to plan photo-opps anyway? Our Photoguide covers the best places to take pictures in Marrakech – from the Ben Youssef Madrasa to the world’s most stunning Riads, we promise you won’t miss a snap. Whether you’re a travel blogger or traveling gypsy, explore over 40 locations (and their location coordinates) in our Photoguide to Marrakech. Enjoy and have a mint tea for us! xx


We know this is common sense, but we have to say it anyway – please keep in mind that our Photoguides include some of the coolest photo-opps in a city, some of which may be at a hotel, business, restaurant or even near a private home. If that’s the case then you may need to book a hotel room, order something at a restaurant or even arrange a shoot in advance to be able to take photos in that location. If it’s near a private home please be respectful and treat the situation like you would want to be treated if your house was an Instagrammer’s dream.

We also sometimes include locations that are museums or art installations, which keep in mind can change at their discretion – but usually they’ll replace it with something along the same vibe so you’ll still get the shot. Like any good traveler, it’s always a good idea to double check if a location, monument, or museum is open before heading there. One time we traveled to Fez, Morocco to see the ancient leather tanneries only to find out it was closed…for the first time in close to 1000 years LOL! So trust us, if you don’t want to take the risk just double check before making the trek.  We hope you enjoy using our Photoguides and if you love them as much as we do, please leave a comment at the end to let us know! Safe travels xx

Jardin Majorelle

Dela Fard at the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, Morocco
Chelsey Rouen at the Jardin Majorelle in Morocco
Julia at the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, Morocco

Address: Rue Yves St Laurent By A-Maps، Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Coordinates: 31.64174, -8.00283

Sidewalkers: Dela Fard | @delafard + Chelsey Rouen | @chelseyroo + Julia Schaffner | @desbelleschoses

Marrakech, Morocco is a vibrant, beautiful and culturally intricate oasis in the desert of northern Africa. Between the dreamy riads, colorful souks and stark Sahara, the warmth and authenticity of this place will leave you breathless. The people are kind, the tea is delicious and the Moroccan rugs are beautiful- what more could you want?

The Jardin Majorelle was created by the artist Jacques Majorelle in 1937, and was his personal home and workshop until it opened to the public in 1947. The beautiful blue color was so distinct that it became known as ‘Majorelle blue’. It was known to ‘evoke Africa’, as the intense color brought out the lush green of the leaves in the garden. In 1966, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé first visited the Jardin Majorelle, fell in love with the setting, and visited daily during their trips. When developers were planning to build a hotel in place of the garden, they did everything they could to stop the project, and in 1980 purchased the property. They moved in an undertook the property’s restoration, building themselves an oasis and finding ‘an unlimited source of inspiration’ for their work.

Ben Youssef Madrasa

Chissy Huang at the Ben Youssef Madrasa in Morocco
Alexandra Pankratova at Ben Youssef Madrasa
Twirling at the Ben Youssef Madrasa

Address: Rue Assouel, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Coordinates: 31.63197, -7.98661

Sidewalkers: Chissy Huang | @chissyhuang + Alexandra Pankratova | @pankratova916

Ben Youssef Madrasa is the largest Madrasa (college for Islamic studies) in all of Marrakech, and a place you won’t want to miss on your next trip to Marrakech. Built early in the 14th century, you know its walls must have an interesting story to tell. One of the most beautiful places to take photos in Marrakech, Ben Youssef Madrasa, is now a historical site full of intricately carved doorways and brightly tiled walls. Considering the décor and history combined, it’s no surprise that Ben Youssef Madrasa is one of the most visited sites (and one of the best for the classic Marrakech Insta) in the entire city.

Marrakech Souk / Medina

Jules at Le Medina in Marrakech, Morocco
Selena from Find Us Lost at La Medina in Marrakech, Morocco
The Lovely Pepa at Le Medina in Marrakech, Morocco
May and Travel at Le Medina in Marrakech, Morocco
Leah at Le Medina in Marrakech, Morocco
Dela Fard at the Medina in Marrakech, Morocco
Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage at La Medina of Marrakech, Morocco
La Medina in Marrakech, Morocco

Address: Derb Fhal Zefriti nº6,، LKsour، Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Coordinates: 31.63362, -7.98494

Sidewalkers: Jules | @finding.jules + May | @mayandtravel + Leah | @leahliyah + Jessica Stein | @tuulavintage + Nicola Easterby | @polkadotpassport + Selena | @finduslost + Dela Fard | @delafard + Keir Alexa | @keiralexa

The Medina is the first thing many people think of when they think ‘Morocco’. The maze of covered stalls is an easy place to get lost, so make sure you have someone with you who knows their way around! Classic purchases here include beautiful Moroccan rugs, straw bags, leather poufs, lanterns, leather goods, pottery, and colorful glassware. Moroccan rugs are fairly expensive in the western world, so your visit may be a great time to stock up on interiors and bring the Moroccan vibe back home with you. We suggest you do some research on the goods you want (and the look of the products you want) ahead of time. If you’ve ever been to a market in a foreign country you know it can get overwhelming quickly, when there are so many options and tons of shopkeepers vying for your business! It also helps to do some research on price beforehand. Even if something sounds cheap to you, you’ll want a frame of reference to know if you’re getting a good deal!

Bahia Palace

Lee Litumbe of Spirited Pursuit at the Bahia Palace
Lee Litumbe of Spirited Pursuit at the Bahia Palace

Address: Avenue Imam El Ghazali, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Coordinates: 31.62175, -7.98155

Sidewalker: Lee Litumbe | @spiritedpursuit

Bahia (“Brilliance”) Palace was built in the late 19th century by Si Moussa, a grand vizier of the sultan. The palace includes a 2-acre garden and rooms that open to a gorgeous, tiled courtyard.

Le Jardin Secret

Leonie Hanne of Ohh Couture at Le Jardin Secret in Marrakech, Morocco