Blog Submission Guidelines

We are always looking for new writers to collaborate with at Sidewalker Daily. We’re especially interested in article ideas that take a fresh perspective on all things fashion and travel. Our community likes to keep it 100 so articles need to be honest and well-researched. Being authentic is at the core of everything we do, so please – no faking.

The travel industry is oversaturated with tons of repetitive articles (10 reasons you should visit X) and we’re looking to create a space that is full of fresh and cutting edge content. Bye bye repetitive posts, hello Sidewalker-eque articles!  

We recognize (and are grateful) that our community spans the entire globe, mixing different backgrounds, cultures and religions which may result in a small or big difference of opinion on some topics. This is why Sidewalker Daily is unique- we are the world’s voice and respect eachother, no matter what.

So if you laugh at our captions and feel that you connect with our vibe, we encourage you to submit ideas on topics YOU want to hear about.

Oh, and don’t forget:

– Please write like you talk. We hate robots – and if you get our emails or engage with us on insta, you know you were all about laughing and keeping it lighthearted. For example, please don’t say “dining establishment” if what you really mean is “restaurant.”

– Be authentic and have a voice. Sidewalker’s are fearless, bold & have strong identities. Remember, we don’t ask for permission, we ask for forgiveness.

– Don’t tear down any specific culture, religion, place or person for that matter. Positive vibes only! (Being sarcastic is totally fine – but no online bullies)

Let’s Get Submitting!

Please send your story idea via our contact page and include a short blurb about what the article would cover and why you think it is something the Sidewalker Daily community would want to hear about.

Be sure to include a little bit about yourself and links to your social accounts and/or website so we can get to know you too!

The subject line of your e-mail should describe what your pitch is about. Do not submit a generic subject like “Blog idea.” We want to be excited about opening your e-mail!

If you want to send photos or images with your article submission please do! We love seeing your vision and it helps us get a better idea of where we can go from there. We like to keep images authentic so no corney stock photos please. Images are even better if they are yours, but if not – no worries we can figure something out together.

We can’t wait to hear from you, and don’t forget – when in doubt, twirl!