Welcome to the Good Karma Social Club

Let’s change the world by using social media and influence for good!

Social Media is a very powerful tool and if you’re an influencer, blogger, or creative that uses any social media platform, then you hold some of that power. It’s important for your soul, our planet and humanity to use social media for good and find ways to leverage all of the relationships, respect, and loyalty you have built over the years to help others and make positive change in this world. The Good Karma Social Club is a place to learn positive ways to use social media, understand how to use your influence to make an impact and just be inspired to do good for our local and global communities. We hope you’ll join us and spread some good karma in the world!

Use Influence For Good
Make Positive Change
Live Purposefully


We understand that connecting with a cause, issue, organization and/or nonprofit is personal and unique to every individual. You may feel more passionate about volunteering at a local homeless shelter or saving the coral reefs abroad, than another causes that may be equally as important… just not to you. So we’ve created the Good Karma Social Club to help educate and support all of you in using your influence, social media platforms, and special skills to make positive change in the world, help others and spread some good karma throughout our global community.


The Good Karma Social Club is inspired by our internal motto “small change, affects big change.” Most of us grow up with the dream of changing the world but as we get older, figuring out what that really means and how to actually “change the world” can be overwhelming. Where do you even start?

The truth is, just by doing something within your reach can create small change and positively affect the lives of those around you…which to us, IS changing the world!