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Sidewalker Daily

But first, who is Sidewalker Daily?

Sidewalker Daily is a marketing consulting agency who works on both sides of the influencer equation. On one hand, we work with destinations, brands, and hospitality clients on their influencer marketing initiatives and social media strategy. On the other hand, we work with influencers, bloggers and creators to help transform their travel influence, provide opportunities through Sidewalker Daily’s signature Press Trip Program and create sustainable businesses online.

By managing influencer campaigns for clients such as the Costa Rica Tourism Board, Jetsetter, Couples Resorts, Cayo Espanto, Hawks Cay Resort and more, our team is able to shed light on the client perspective to the Sidewalker Daily community of bloggers and influencers. Our unique position on both sides of the industry helps bridge the gap between travel brands and influencers to ensure every partnership is a win-win for all involved. From beautiful imagery to engaging video content, the influencers we work with not only produce incredible marketing assets to utilize across all platforms but also bring exponential exposure to our clients. 

With the influencer marketing industry changing at rapid speed, we’re in the trenches and on the pulse of trends to ensure every campaign we design is innovative and relevant to our client’s unique goals. We believe that strategic partnerships are essential in elevating brand awareness, and work hard to leverage partners on each campaign we produce to maximize ROI for our clients.

Case studies provided upon request.

holly zawyer

“The most valuable part of working with Sidewalker Daily is being able to access their rolodex of contacts and use their personal relationships with influencers and content creators in the travel industry. The team’s genuine and authentic spirit motivates influencers to over deliver, providing a strong return on investment for our clients.”

Sidewalker Daily

Why You Need Influencer Marketing…Yesterday!

We understand that influencer marketing is still a grey area for most brands and destinations but with 92% of consumers trusting the authority of an influencer over a celebrity or traditional advertisement, it’s time to start making moves NOW.

Making the decision to incorporate influencer marketing is a no brainer but ultimately, it’s not worth it if you’re not doing it RIGHT.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Not every “influencer” is created equal. Just because they have a lot of followers, doesn’t (1) mean they are real, (2) mean the followers are your target market.
  • There is a wide spectrum of influencers that you should be aware of – from Micro Influencers to Power Middles to the Celebrity Influencer – they each bring something different to the table. Depending on your goals and objectives, deciding which type of influencer to work with is an integral part of the success of your campaign.
  • Content is king. Likes, comments and views are a great way to measure engagement but if you’re not leveraging your budget to have influencers create usable content for your other marketing initiatives then you’re seriously missing out.

Influencer Marketing Is Here To Stay.

It is without a doubt that influencers are quickly replacing digital advertising methods. Don’t just take our word for it, the proof is in the pudding:

  • Approximately 200 million people are using ad-blockers but influencer marketing allows you to reach customers regardless.
  • The top 13% of brands engaging in influencer marketing make $20 or more per dollar spent.
  • 30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger – so bigger isn’t always better.
Sidewalker Daily


Our goal is to connect you or your clients with the best influencers and content creators in the world to create re-usable assets, expand your reach, maximize ROI and insert your brand into relevant media conversations. Since we like our services like our clothing – tailor made- we offer different options depending on what you need. Your success is our success and we want to ensure that working with us fits your unique goals and budget. You can inquire about one of our options below or reach out to hello@sidewalkerdaily.com for more information. We look forward to working together!



If you’re struggling with your social media strategy or influencer marketing strategy, or just want to learn how it works we can answer your questions in this 1 hour consulting session. This session includes:

  • 1 Hour Phone or Video consulting session with a social media and influencer expert giving you individualized advice for your brand or company
  • Work together to understand your goals and objectives with social media and influencer marketing
  • Develop a strategy and gameplan to set you up for success
  • Available to answer any business, marketing, social media or industry questions such as how to work with influencers, what social media platforms you should be using for your business, how to select influencers, digital strategies that drive brand awareness and anything else you’re dying to know
  • Perfect for an emerging brand, start-up or small company who has found difficulty trying to navigate the social media landscape and/or influencer marketing industry


If you’re a small company or have a team in place but are looking for expert advice, we’re here to help.


Project Based 

If you know you want to utilize influencer marketing to promote your business, product and/or services but need extra support to design the perfect campaign, we can step in and work with your team to ensure you’re set up for success.


Monthly Retainer

If you’re a company, brand or PR company looking to outsource your in