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We caught up with our Co-Founder, Nina Zadeh, to get the downlow on her travel habits and find out what really makes someone a Sidewalker!


Nina Zadeh

Where I call home:

Home is where the pants aren’t. Moved around too much to answer this with a straight face. Third Culture Kids unite!

Favorite place(s) on earth:

Freeport, Bahamas, New York City, South of France (yes, the entire southern coast). While we’re at it, let’s throw Disneyworld in there too because, it’s a small world after all.

You can catch me flying on:

Virgin America when flying to LA, Air France or BA when heading to Europe and Qatar Air when visiting Dad in Dubai. Locally within the US, I’m a sucker for those snacks on Jet Blue (whoop whoop!)

Aisle or Window?

Aisle – gotta stretch these long legs!

Carry-on essentials?

Water (the more the merrier), Gum, My comfy eye mask + socks, A nice scarf to double as a blanket, A good book and tons of People + Life & Style Magazines.

Preferred in flight beverage?

Ginger ale, ice + lemon when being a sober dud, if not, champagne diet.

Book a tour or get lost?

Get lost! I like to research stuff on my own, and ever since starting Sidewalker, I’ve made tons of Insta friends who give me local tips or put me in touch with friends. I have a mildly organized itinerary, in terms of things I want to do, but keep it super flexible. Roaming is always a part of the list.

Stuck on a desert island and could bring 3 things, what would they be?

My wifi router, iPhone with Instagram and a margarita! Living the dream bishes!

Let’s give the photographers some love – who takes all your fabulous photos?

I have an Instagram husband, who hates Instagram so it’s kind of like pulling teeth. But alas, can’t win em all!

Last book you read without skimming any parts?

The Girl On The Train. AMAZING! Always looking for a good page-turner, so please leave recommendations in the comments! xx

What does Sidewalker mean to you?

I wanted to coin a term for this underground group of bold a** women who travel & look amazing while doing so. A Sidewalker isn’t a dreamer, she’s a DOER. She believes in the power of YOLO and knows that a great hat counts as an investment piece. She isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants out of life and won’t settle for anything less than killer. She ‘s the type of traveler who doesn’t just take take take from the country she’s visiting, but finds a way to give back (even if it’s in the smallest way possible).

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  1. coco kliks - travellur November 15, 2016 at 11:34 am - Reply

    hahaha! I have the same carry on essentials. you just gave me a great idea for a IG post. thanks!

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