/Male WanderLUST: Our favorite male travelers from around the globe.

Male WanderLUST: Our favorite male travelers from around the globe.

Nothing is more attractive than men getting their wanderlust on and conquering the world one country at a time. Let’s be honest, attractive men travelling make the world of a Sidewalker a better place. We’re not going to lie- we kind of stalk our favorite travel boy accounts and daydream about running off to Machu Picchu together or sleeping under the stars in the Moroccan desert (if they are girlfriend free, of course). We’re down to share our list of Sidewalker men but let’s all agree to follow girl code if we run into them together… we call dibs.

1. Adam Gallagher | @iamgalla

With his chiseled good looks and on point style you’ll be sure to fall head over heals for this California bred hunk. Gallagher stands out due to his exceptional ability to blend his native California aesthetic with a sharp New York approach to fashion. Fore more on Adam, visit: http://iamgalla.com/

2. Marc Forne | @marcforne

Marc looks like he just stumbled out of Spanish Vogue but don’t be fooled by his fashionable ways, he’s also an amazing photographer and world wanderer. For extra stalking, visit: http://marcforne.com/

3. Raphaël Spezzotto-Simacourb | @rsimacourbe

Raphaël is a yummy Frenchie who blogs about our favorite things…fashion, travel and food (honestly, what else is there). Though his blog is in French, luckily for all you non-French speakers, his instagram needs no words. When it comes to male wanderLUST, Raphael is definitely on the top of our list! For more, visit: http://www.raphaelspezzotto.com

4. Nicolas Simoes | @nicolassimoes

Nicolas, Nicolas, Nicolas – where do we begin? Perhaps by thanking your parents for bringing you into this world! Nicolas has impeccable fashion style and a great artistic vision for all of his photographs. As a Fashion, Travel + Lifestyle blogger from France, he will definitely charm you with his sexy French ways. Oh and did we mention sometimes he wears eye glasses? SWOON to the 10th degree! For more stalking: http://stylebysimoes.com/

Fun fact: Nicolas and Raphael (featured above) are both part of a French blogging team called Les Ringards. To think that these two are friends and frolic around Paris together is a little much for our hearts to handle.

nicolas simoes

5. Toni Mahfud | @tonimahfud

If you’ve made it this far into the article, that means you’re just as invested as us in the search for attractive men who travel. Ladies & Gents, Toni Mahfud is God’s gift to the Sidewalker community. Let us tell you why: Toni’s got more tricks up his sleeve than being hot AF and a professional global wanderer- his drawing skills are other levels. No but really, once you see his sketch of Adele you will be as amazed as we are. (Check out his video sketch of Adele here.) Doesn’t this just make you want to get sketched by Toni, in nothing but your passport covering your goodies? For additional dreaming, visit: http://toni-mahfud.com/

Toni MahfudToni Mahfud

6. Jay Alvarrez| @jayalvarrez

This island boy takes living on the edge seriously. From surfing big waves to jumping out of hot air balloons, Jay’s sure to give you an adrenaline rush. He doesn’t have a traditional website, but you can catch him on Instagram, youtube and tumblr: http://jayalvarrez.tumblr.com/ He’s totally our dream surfer boy!

Jay AlvarrezJay Alvarrez

7. Morgan| @Morgan4real12

One of our girlfriends sent us this print screen of Morgan, but after doing a little Instagram recon – he’s a bit of an international man of mystery. No website, no last name, no way to contact. It’s all good, we love us some hard to get attitude. Besides his amazing travel adventures and well styled outfits make Morgan a dreamboat traveler. If anyone knows who this is, let us know in the comments!

Jay Alvarrez

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