Lost in Translation: How to Ask for Wifi in 10 Languages

/Lost in Translation: How to Ask for Wifi in 10 Languages

Lost in Translation: How to Ask for Wifi When You’re Globetrotting

When we’re traveling, nothing makes us happier than finding a “wifi” hotspot. Literally, it’s like our drug of choice and when we get a fix of the interwebs, everything seems to be alright. It’s so funny that such a simple word can be lost in translation. Since we know how important it is to be connected while getting your wanderlust on, we’ve got you covered with how to ask for wifi when you’re globetrotting.


Check out the languages below to say:

A. “Do you have wifi?”

B. “What is the wifi password?”

When you’re visiting Paris:


A. “Il y a du wifi” (Sounds like: Eel-ya-doo-weefee).

B. “Quel est le mot de passe pour se connecter en wifi” (Sounds like: Quel-ay-le-mow-dew-pass-poor-say-connectay-en-wee-fee).

When you’re visiting Budapest:


A. “Van itt wifi” (Sounds like: Van-eet-veefee).

B. “Mi a Wifi jelszó” (Sounds like: Me-a-wee-fee-yell-zo).

When you’re visiting Positano:


A. “C’e Wi-Fi” (Sounds like: Chey-wee-fee).

B. “Quale é la password di Wi-Fi” (Sounds like: Qual-ey-la-pass-werd-dee-wee-fee).

When you’re visiting Hong Kong:

Chinese (Cantonese)

A. 這裏有無線上網嗎?(Sounds like: Lee-doe-yaw-mow-mow-sing-soa-mong-ga).

B. 密碼是什麼?(Sounds like: mutt-my-hi-mai-yeah).

When you’re visiting Marrakesh:


A.  “Kayen wifi” (Sounds like: Kay- en- wee-fee).

B. “Chno howa lcode dl wifi” (Sounds like: Cha-no-le-code-dee-wee-fee).

When you’re visiting Havana:


A. “Tienes wifi” (Sounds like: tee-enes- wy-fy).

B. “Cual es la contraseña del wifi” (Sounds like: kwal es la cone-tra-sen-ya del wy-fy).

When you’re visiting Rio de Janeiro:


A. “Voče tem wi-fi” (Sounds like: Vou-say teim wifi).

B.  “Qual é a senha wifi” (Sounds like: Kwal-eh-ah-senya-wifi).

When you’re visiting Berlin:


A. “Gibt es hier WLAN” (Sounds like: Gib-Ta-Es-Here-Vee-Lan).

B. “Wie lautet das WLAN Password” (Sounds like: Vee-Low-Tet-Das-Vee-Lann-Pass-Vord).

When you’re visiting Kyoto:


A. “Annata wa musen ran o motte imasu ka” (Sounds like: Ah-nah-ta-wa-moo-sen-ron-moh-tay-muss-ka).

B. “Wifi no passowordo wa nani desu ka” (Sounds like: Wifi-no-password-o-wa-non-e-des-ka).

When you’re visiting Mumbai:


A. “Aape ke paas wifi hai” (Sounds like: Ap-Kay-Pas-Wifi-Hay).

B. “Password kya hai” (Sounds like: Password-kiya-hay).

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