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We love the internet, but we love the idea of storytelling and real life community even more.


Girls who get to travel the world like we do, enjoy some of the craziest, most life changing experiences. Instagram is awesome but it only captures a split second of a moment. We want to bring those experiences OFFLINE and so we’ve created hand written journals to travel the world.

We sent journals to nine different girls from our community across the globe. They are currently journaling their experiences and when they finish, they will (fingers crossed) pass them along to a fellow traveler along the way.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who receives a Sidewalker Daily journal, consider it a compliment. It means someone who you have crossed paths with while traveling wants to honor you by handing off our book of secrets, jokes and personal growth encounters.

So what’s the purpose of these journals? We don’t fully know. Obviously our dream would be for them to travel around the world and collect tons of crazy interesting stories but it really all depends on who’s hands they fall into. What we do know is that sometimes you just have to have a little bit of trust in the world, and see what happens! We’re excited to hear everyone’s stories and see where these journals end up!


We love illustrations. We also love our community of Sidewalkers. As a way to thank some of our favorite muses, we decided to sketch them, cause we’re sketchy like that. This way they can last forever. Keep hashtagging us for your chance to be the next Mona Lisa.



When we first saw this photo of Candida, we knew we had to see it in an illustration. Candida’s overall vibe will leave you feeling zen and inspired. We recently noticed she started a handbag collection, The Travely Collective. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.



All Hail Queen Bianca! If Sidewalker was a Kingdom, we would declare Bianca Somer as our ruler. Bianca is the epitome of all things cool in fashion and travel. Whether she’s giving Big Ben a kick, or running around in a lavendar field – her photos are flawless. Peek on her instagram – don’t say we didn’t warn ya!



Andrea Affinati believes that life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all. Her blog Green And Turquoise will give you all sorts of wanderlust feels and some definite travel eye candy.



As an ode to Summer, what better place to illustrate than Santorini, Greece. Meet Melanie – one of our favorite Sidewalkers, based in Melbourne, Australia. Her blog, The Tia Fox, serves endless amounts of style and travel inspiration.



The month of July is peak season for all things lavender in the South of France. We decided to celebrate our favorite flower by illustrating the amazing Fashion photographer Zhanna Bianca. Our website needs a scratch and sniff feature stat!



If Sidewalker Daily was a country, we’d vote for Leah Naomi as president. When we launched our illustration series, we wanted to highlight the girls who inspire us to travel but and always place style at the forefront of their journey. Cappadocia here we come!