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“Traveling is how I keep things in perspective. Fashion has always been my escape.”

– Nina Zadeh, Co-Founder


I didn’t choose traveling, traveling chose me. Growing up between the Bahamas, France, Miami and Dubai taught me at an early age that the ability to explore the world is one of the most valuable things in life (seriously, what is life without jetlag and TSA feel-me-ups?) Sidewalker Daily started off as a way to get my morning “fix” of all things fashion and travel related. As a former fashion stylist, I can’t help being overly selective whenever I’m packing my suitcase to go on my next adventure. When traveling, I realized that more and more girls were ditching their yoga pants and sneakers and instead opting for flowy skirts and panama hats. Once I figured out that there was an army of us out there, I wanted to create a space that we could call our own and inspire each other to always place style at the forefront of our journeys.

My souvenirs often consist of a piece of clothing or an accessory – something that will always remind me of my adventures when I wear them back home. My closet has slowly become a memory bank of my travels, retelling the story of a city every time I wear a certain piece. A vintage jumpsuit from NYC, a printed silk scarf from Dubai, a tweed blazer from Paris, a leather backpack from Ghana, a straw hat from the Caribbean –  these are just a handful of my most treasured possessions – not because of their monetary value, but for what they represent.

There are so many places left to see, but I get to live vicariously through all the girls who submit images on a daily basis. To all the girls who hashtag us – you guys inspire me in so many ways: 1) To stop spending money on frivolous things and save for great travel experiences;  2) To not wear the black leggings and hoodie – no matter how comfortable they are; and 3) When in doubt, twirl!


I grew up in the middle of 500+ acres of pineapple on a volcano in Maui, Hawaii. My family had a slight case of island fever and so we traveled as much as possible. Let’s just say my non traditional childhood gave me a head start on the whole wanderlust travel bug. During college, I started traveling around Europe at any chance I got and was obsessed with taking pictures in front of any major monument or picture perfect landscape I could find. (Nina will try to fight me on this one but I’m actually the original Sidewalker ;))

After college, I followed the cookie cutter path of being a lawyer and two week vacation grind until the day my life changed forever- when I lost the love of my life to a tragic accident. It was the worst way to learn the most cliché but important life lesson- to live every day as if it’s your last. I said f*$# it and YOLOed (yes that’s now a verb)- I quit my job and decided to travel the world and actually live every day as if it was my last. (I don’t suggest this- it’s really expensive and may give your parents a heart attack lol)

The first stop on my tour was to visit Nina, one of my soul sisters from college. We always connected over our insane international adventures and decided to start Sidewalker Daily to inspire ourselves to travel to new places (Nina calls me the Wiz of Oz because I work my magic from behind the scenes). I can honestly say Sidewalker Daily saved my life. It reignited the passion inside me and reminds me on a daily basis about how beautiful, intricate and incredible our world is. Actually, most of my travels are now inspired by your insanely amazing photos so huge thanks to all of you for making my adventures the best ever! Xx


Nina Zadeh is a former celebrity fashion stylist who gave up her runway days to earn her MBA in Marketing from Fordham University. Her work has been featured on prominent media outlets such as MTV, Refinery 29, Huffington Post and more. Nina grew up between Miami, the Bahamas, France & Dubai- showing her what it really means to be a global citizen. Nina is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Farsi.


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“I have always enjoyed beautiful clothes and beautiful locations, therefore it was natural for me to combine them both and create a gallery of images via Instagram. @Sidewalkerdaily is the perfectly curated gallery which showcases badass girls with similar beliefs and rad styles. What better place to get your fashion and travel fix?”



“We’re always screen-shotting pictures and sending them to one another like, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Add it to the list.” We love it, and a lot of our inspiration for our next travels has come from it! :)”



“Sidewalker Daily is my destination for “need to knows” on everything fashion and travel related.”